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Core facilities

Administrator- Mohamed Elhag Musa (
Providing state-of-the-art equipments needed for husbandry, breeding and experimentation. Also housing various models of laboratory animals.

Administrator- Mohamed Elhag Musa (
Preclinical imaging at cellular level in real time, with X-ray capability used for;  Atomic Spectroscopy - Cell Imaging & Analysis - Chromatography - In Vivo Imaging Solutions - Molecular Spectroscopy - Protein Analysis & Detection  - DNA/RNA Isolation, Analysis & Detection

Trapped ion Mobility Spectrometry (tims) time-of-flight (TOF) separation from Bruker 
Administrator- Dr. Nelson Alexandre Soares (e.
Description: timsTOF combines high ion mobility resolution with ultra-high resolution QTOF technology for optimal performance. Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS)separates ions in gas phase based on their size and shape. As ions emerged from IMS device, they can be efficiently sampled in the TOF analyzer. This design is a powerful approach for gaining background information regarding the three-dimensional structure of an ion and increases peak capacity and confidence in compound characterization. 
Proteomics applications: due to its unique features timsTOF enables a recently introduced technique “Parallel Accumulation- Serial Fragmentation” (PASEF), which synchronizes MS/MS precursors with TIMS separation. Protein complexity revealed by PASEF shotgun proteomics: “In a single 120 min liquid chromatorgraphy (LC) runs of HeLa digest, maxquant identified more than 6, 000 proteins without matching to a library and with high quantitative reproducibility.” Meier et al., 2018

Administrator- Jobi Joseph (e.        
Structural determination-Molecular identity- of drug molecules by One Dimensional {Proton-1H,Carbon-13C,Fluorine-19F,Nitrogen-15N  etc.} and Two dimensional (NOESY, COSY, HSQC, HMBC etc.) spectral evaluations.

Administrator- Prof. Monther Khanfar (e.        

D8 VENTURE - the Standard for Quality and Versatility in Single Crystal XRD
The D8 VENTURE provides a more spacious enclosure for your experiment with more room for rotating anode, liquid metal jet and dual wavelengths solutions. All systems feature the revolutionary PHOTON III photon-counting detector. The D8 VENTURE offers highest experimental flexibility, with excellent sample accessibility and visibility. It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in popular all-air-cooled configurations. Easy upgradeability protects your investment with maximum flexibility for future extensions.

Administrator- Dr. Nelson Alexandre Soares (e.
Autoflex maX MALDI-MS system from Bruker
The Autoflex maX MALDI systems enables MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization) mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), this is a powerful mass spectrometry instrument for mapping the distribution of molecules from a thin sample (e.g. tissue sections), ranging from small metabolites to large proteins. This unique MALDI-MS system developed by Bruker is empowered by panoramic focusing technology, enables confident label-free methods of visualizing drugs, lipids, glycans, peptides and large molecules, distribution within tissues. This application enables correlation between the distribution of specific compound()s in tissue samples with histological images obtained from the same sample. This opens new avenues in elucidating the role of small molecules in a disease and/or drug therapy.  

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
The Next Generation Sequencing Ion torrent technology will be used in various fields of scientific research Cancer genomics and transcriptomics, Infectious diseases, Liquid Biopsy Research, Inherited Disease Research, Pharmacogenomics research, Targeted epigenetics of disease, Targeted methylation of different genes involved in various diseases.

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
Automate amplicon-based library preparation with the Access Array™ system for up to 48 samples per processing run. Access Array generates next-generation sequencing (NGS)-ready libraries compatible with multiple sequencing platforms including Illumina®, Ion Torrent™, and other NGS systems

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
Real-time PCR is used for many applications including targeted gene expression analysis, microRNA analysis, SNP genotyping and CNV analysis.  Gene expression analysis is the most commonly-used application for qPCR.

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system represents the first microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platform for the electrophoretic analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins and the flow-cytometric analysis of cells.

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
Veriti is a Fast thermal cycler which can run up to six precise and independent temperatures to determine the optimal annealing temperature for cycle sequencing or endpoint PCR. VeriFlex Blocks maintain their thermal characteristics between optimizing and isothermal conditions, minimizing the need optimization. 

Administrator- Dr. Poorna Manasa Bhamidimarri (e.
The Qubit fluorometer is a small instrument used for quantification of dsDNA, oligos, total RNA, microRNA, and protein, template bead quality of prepared NGS library.  

Administrator- Noha Elemam (e.
The Bio-Plex® 200 system is a suspension array system which offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution that permits analysis of up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample.

Administrator- Noha Elemam (e.
It can measure fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi-or bio-luminescence to be used in several applications.

Administrator- Abdul Khader Mohammed (e.
The ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Reader offers proven performance for many applications, from endpoint to fast kinetic protocols. Its high quality optical design ensures excellent precision, accuracy and linearity. The ELx808 is well suited to temperature sensitive kinetic assays and many other colorimetric and turbidimetric protocols, such as kinetic ELISA, protein quantification, ELISA, endotoxin analysis and microbial growth assays. Gen5 Software controls the ELx808 for easy data capture and powerful analysis.

Administrator- Dr. Dinesh Kumar (e.  
The IX73 inverted microscope system sets new standards in advanced live cell imaging with its compact frame, outstanding optical performance and exceptional flexibility. Manual encoded or semi-motorized options enable a variety of component combinations. The IX73 is available as a one-deck system with a low, ergonomic stage or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging applications, from fast advanced fluorescence imaging and other demanding techniques to routine testing and documentation.

Administrator- Manju Jayakumar (e.
Immunofluorescence, multicolor phenotyping, Cell cycle, DNA/RNA content analysis, Cell trafficking/ tracking/proliferation ,  Apoptosis, Cell viability, Cytokine analysis, Surface and intracellular marker studies, Changes in intracellular pH, Level of ROS, Lipid, Calcium flux, Sorting. 

Administrator- Manju Jayakumar  (e.
High resolution fluorescence imaging, Live cell imaging, Colocalization, Translocation, Timelapse images, Z-stacking/optical sectioning, FRET, FRAP, FLIP.

Administrator- Dr. Cijo Vazhappilly (e.  
Apoptosis detection, Cell Cycle Analysis, Protein Expression

Administrator- Varsha Menon (e.  
Automated Protein expression

Administrator- Varsha Menon (e.  
Plate reader for Luminometric detection, Measuring photometric and fluorescence intensity

Administrator- Varsha Menon (e.  
UV/Vis Microplate reader and Spectrophotometer

Agarose gel electrophoresis for nucleic acid separation

Transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.

Gradient PCR 

Administrator- Jasmin Abdul Salam (e.
Supports the multiparametric analysis of individual cells and subpopulations in heterogeneous samples

Administrator- Jasmin Abdul Salam (e.
To Perform Automated ELISA Analysis. To take plate optical density reading for various assays in between the wavelength of 405nm to 620nm. 

TISSUE EMBEDDER Histo line Laboratories (TEC2900)
Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
TEC2900 is a trimodular Embedding Center, composed of 3 independent units (Main Console, Cryo Console, Thermal Console). 
Tissue Embedding Center Technical features TEC 2900-1 Main Console (embedding module) Reservoir capacity (liquid paraffin): 6 Lt Programming: working days and times can be set for automatic weekly/daily on/off Lighting: double strip Light-blue LED anti-glare Working temperatures: form ambient to 80° C Cold spot: until supermega cassettes; temperatures —10° C Accessiories included: foot pedal switch for paraffin flow Maximum power draw: 1000V/A TEC 2900-2 Cryo Console (cold plate module) Capacity: about 80 cassettes standard dimension Working temperatures: form ambient to -20° C Accessiories included: plexiglas cover Maximum power draw: 200 V/A TEC2900-4 Thermal Console double floor (hot plate module) Removable upper basin: 320x205x100 mm ~ 5,5 Lt of paraffin Removable lower basin: 330x330x50 mm ~ 3 Lt of paraffin Working temperatures: form ambient to 75° C (two control) Maximum power draw: 600 V/A For up-to-date developments, please refer to the instrument data sheet. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Wide range of accessories and consumables on request Innovative life science solutions Tissue Embedding Center Your partner in Histology.


Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The BX43 manual upright microscope offers an outstanding range of features, high optical performance and is the perfect platform for digital imaging. 
This flexible microscope offers various contrast methods and superior optics combined with true-color LED illumination for excellent color rendering. Efficiency is maximized by the ergonomic design, while ease of use is optimized by the light intensity manager, which eliminates manual intensity adjustments for each objective. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to expand the system to cover more techniques, making it adaptable to meet future requirements.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The IX53 inverted microscope offers an outstanding range of features, high optical performance and is the perfect platform for digital imaging. We can use culture plates. The IX53 has been designed from the ground up to be the finest microscope available for routine inverted microscopic analysis. The combination of excellent optical performance and mechanical quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort for regular use. Features such as the pre-centered phase contrast, relief contrast and the flexible UIS2 DIC optics enable easy visualization across all magnifications for both thin and thick specimens. Available condensers with different working distances and long working objectives allow observation and documentation of even the most complex samples.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
Laser Microdissection (LMD, also known as Laser Capture Microdissection or LCM) enables users to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue. LMD6 move the laser, not the sample and use gravity for collection. That is why LMD systems provide you with perfectly cut, contamination-free, analysis-ready dissectates. Laser Microdissection (LMD, also known as Laser Capture Microdissection or LCM) enables users to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue. Powered by a unique laser design and dynamic software, Leica LMD systems allow users to easily isolate Regions of Interest (ROI) from entire areas of tissue down to single cells or even subcellular structures such as chromosomes. LMD is typically used in genomics (DNA), transcriptomics (mRNA, miRNA), proteomics, metabolomics, and even next generation sequencing (NGS). Researchers in neurology, cancer research, plant analysis, forensics or climate research rely on this method. Furthermore, LMD is a perfect tool for live cell culture (LCC), for cloning and re-cultivation, manipulation or downstream analysis.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
Thermo Scientific Excelsior AS Tissue Processor is the latest in high performance tissue processing. The automated reagent monitoring and in-process reagent rotation minimizes downtime and reagent wastage compared to other tissue processors. Cassette baskets are gently rotated inside the circular chamber, providing more effective agitation than an impeller. When the chamber is opened, a fan pulls fumes through a filter to protect users from formaldehyde exposure. Fumes from the cabinet are also extracted through filters to protect users from alcohol, xylene, and formaldehyde. Waste paraffin can be removed by simply discarding a plastic tray—no paraffin spillage and burns

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.

Section even the largest specimens with unmatched quality by using the electronic Thermo Scientific™ HM 355S Automatic Microtome. It is designed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research, and industrial labs. Menu-driven control panel can be used on either side of instrument. Display monitors a range of functions including cutting speed, section count, section thickness, and advance distance. Four cutting modes of operation (single, interval, multi and continuous).User-selected cutting window control maximizes throughput by allowing the return stroke to be faster than the optimized cutting stroke. Excellent for routine paraffin sections and plastic-embedded specimens. High-quality sections with less fatigue. Unmatched safety, ease-of-use, reliability, and consistency of results. Instant switch between trim and section settings with independently selectable trim and section speeds. Rock option: specimen head advances by a set amount to trim specimens without turning the handwheel through full turns. Selectable retraction feature. Guide-rail guidance.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
Cryostats offer exceptional sectioning quality and reliability and enhanced ergonomics for simple, efficient operation.The user-friendly touch screen and icon-driven interface allows intuitive operation of the cryostat and rapid selection and adjustment of functions.  Manual light touch rotary flywheel and section thickness from 1µm to 500µm. Memory function for rapid advance and specimen positioningand vertical stroke length of 60mm28mm horizontal feed rangeMechanical handwheel lock and Optional UV disinfection. Chamber cooling to -35°C and 27 cryobar storage positions including 4 quick freeze locations. Integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to -57°C ± 3°C and programmable and immediate defrost options. 

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The Q500 is a powerful ultrasonic processor featuring programmable operation and a digital display of operating parameters.Popular applications include nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization. Adjustable pulse On and Off times can be programmed from 1 second to 1 minute. Total programming has a maximum setting of 10 hours. A wide variety of probes and accessories are available to handle virtually any application.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The LABGARD ES Model NU-425 Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet (LFBSC) is a base support stand console model.NU-543 is Reduces the potential for exposure of both product and personnel to airborne biological or particulate chemical agents in low to moderate risk-hazard research and drug preparation or product operations by monitoring and controlling real-time airflow to maintain accurate laminar airflow and a dynamic air barrier. Maintains inflow velocity of 100 LFPM (.51m/s) through the work access opening. Has HEPA filtered downflow air that is mixed with the inflow air from a common exhaust plenum. Exhaust airflow can either be room re-circulated or exhausted outside using a canopy exhaust transition. Has all biologically contaminated ducts and plenums under negative pressure or surrounded by negative pressure. (Type A1 permits positive pressure contaminated ducts and plenums). 

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
This PCR Cabinet is contamination control and PCR process repeatability. PCR Cabinet provides ULPA-filtered vertical laminar flow to purge the work area of contaminants between amplifications and during preparatory procedures. Because of the high copy number generated during PCR, it is essential to prevent possible contamination of the PCR reaction. Precautions must be taken during the sample and reagent preparation steps to minimize this risk. In addition to good laboratory practice, the ideal PCR laboratory should consist of three areas, each isolated from the other. Reagents should be prepared in the reagent preparation area and transferred to the sample preparation area, through a pass box, or inside closed containers. After preparation of the final reaction mix, the tubes should be transferred to the amplification area, again through a pass box or in a closed container. The PCR amplification and results analysis takes place in this area.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The Bead Ruptor is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological samples prior to molecular extraction The Bead Ruptor Elite is the most advanced and easy to use bead mill homogenizer available. It is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological samples prior to molecular extraction. Wide range of accessories for any sample size - 24 x 0.5 mL, 24 x 1.5 mL, 24 x 2 mL, 12 x 7 mL, 3 x 15 mL, 6 x 30 mL, 3 x 50 mL, or 96-well strip well tubes. Most powerful bead mill on the market – homogenize the most challenging samples. New touch screen interface and optimateTM software. No cool down required between runs: process hundreds of samples per day and convenient front loading design, 99 programmable memory settings, and multilingual user interface. Features an integrated lid lock to prevent lid opening during operation and ideal homogenizer for extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.
The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks and equipped for several clinical chemistry applications including cytology. Clinical laboratories can concentrate urine and cerebrospinal fluid samples quickly prior to gel or capillary electrophoresis.
The Rotofix 32A centrifuge can be configured for use with a variety of Vivaspin® and Vivacon® centrifugal concentrators. The HET-1619 swing-out rotor can hold up to 6 Vivaspin® devices that are 4 ml and larger (6 optional HET-1462-A adapters are needed for the Vivaspin® 4 and Vivaspin® 6). The deep bore HET-1620-A fixed angle rotor and HET-1466 adapters (6) are recommended for use with up to 6 Vivaspin® 2 or Vivacon® 2 filters. Then the HET-1418 fixed angle rotor can be used for up to 32 Vivaspin® 4 or Vivaspin® 6 devices with 8 of the HET-1467 adapters and 32 HET-E2109 inserts. This same rotor can process up to 8 Vivaspin® 15 or Vivaspin® 20 filters with 8 of the HET-1468 adapters and 8 HET-E2110-A inserts. Vivaproducts offers packages for the Rotofix 32A that are designed to simplify ordering depending on the centrifugal filter being used. Please click on Accessories and Ordering below for more information.

Administrator- Nival Amir Osman Ali (e.

The MicroPulser Electroporator is a simple yet versatile instrument that enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.  The MicroPulser Electroporator is enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. Transformation efficiencies much higher than those obtained with chemical methods can be achieved. One-button pulse delivery, attached cuvette chamber, and rapid charge time for fast sample handling. Preset, optimized programs for commonly studied bacteria and fungi allow rapid program selection. Arc quenching (ARQ) system significantly reduces arcing, protecting against loss of valuable samples Broad range of parameters for manual optimization. Manual programming allows voltage to be selected in a 200–3,000 V range with 10 V precision and allows pulse width to be selected in a 1.0–4.0 ms range with 0.1 ms precision. High-voltage 3,000 V capability yields improved efficiency in larger-volume cuvettes. Compact, space-saving design. Audible and visible pulse indicators. Time constant and actual volts displayed to monitor reproducibility.

Administrator- Dr. Anil Ravi (e.
Furnished with all equipments needed for drug synthesis, purification, identification and biological testing.

Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Powerful technique used for accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of trace components.

Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Separates, and identifies compounds that are present in any sample that can be dissolved in a liquid in trace concentrations as low as parts per trillion. 
Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Instrumental technique that separates, identifies, and quantifies complex mixtures of chemicals. Used to analyze hundreds of relatively low molecular weight compounds found in environmental materials. 


Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Used for water chemistry analysis. Measures concentrations of major anions, and major cations in the parts-per-billion (ppb) range. 

Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Technique that determines the composition of elements in (mostly water-dissolved) samples using plasma and a spectrometer.


Administrator- Muath Khairi Mousa (
Measures the level of organic molecules or contaminants in purified water.