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University of Sharjah Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Research

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries is reaching epidemic proportions and accounts for a huge national burden of morbidity, mortality, and health care expenditures. University of Sharjah center  for Diabetes designed to support and enhance the national research and diagnosis efforts in diabetes and related metabolic diseases. A standalone center at the University of Sharjah will form and important component of the University mission in serving the UAE community and conducting high quality research. Therefore, given the high prevalence of diabetes in UAE, a diabetes center in sharjah is needed to improve the life style of patients and reduce the mortality rate.

  • To be a competitive national leader for diabetes diagnoses and care in the UAE.
  • Granting specialized diagnostic services and building national medical diagnostic facility through technology exchange and advisory services
  • Improve health by carrying out quality biomedical research to address an important national health matters
  • Develop structures for the dissemination of research findings while providing the enabling environment and facilities for health research and training
  • To be an institution of excellence in diabetes diagnostic services, translational research and maximize these opportunities to minimize the concern of diabetes and improve the public health and quality of life of UAE patients.
  • Provide a pre-diabetes patient education program to help people at risk achieve healthy life styles and reverse pre-diabetes
  1. Type I and type II Diabetes patients (including all subtypes) at all ages
  2. Diabetic patients with diabetes complications such as foot problems, visual impairment, cardiac, kidney disease and obesity


Phase Task Timing
  • Select sites
  • Establish a standalone building  
  • Appoint the center director
  • Increase market to new patients
  • Recruit endocrinologists, nurses practitioners, administrators, registered dietician and medical assistants.
  • Establishing children-Adults with diabetes type I & II care unite
  • Establishing the medical diagnostic laboratory
  • Appoint the education/ program manager
  • Recruit diabetes and research nurses educators
  • Increase community awareness and involvement with diabetes

  • Establishing the diabetes foot clinic
  • Establishing the ophthalmology clinic
  • Establishing a unite for blood pressure cholesterol checking
  • Establishing diabetes education and information program


  • Recruit multidisciplinary investigators including implementers as well as academic researchers
  • Establishing diabetes molecular epidemiology and data management research unit
  • Establishing the diabetes genetics and biomedical research unit
  • Establishing the Beta cell biology and islets transplantation
  • Establishing the cardio-diabetes research core lab
  • Establishing the prevention in type 1 diabetes research lab
  • Establishing the Biostatistics and economic Evaluation unit



Dr. Salah Abusnana
Director of the University of Sharjah Center for Diabetes