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Research Centers

RIMHS Research Centers

RIMHS Centers

Research Groups:

Sharjah Institute for Medical Research

  1. Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
  2. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Drug Design and Discovery
  4. Environment and Cancer
  5. Gene Editing & Therapy
  6. Immuno-Oncology
  7. Infectious Disease and Anti-Infective Therapy
  8. Iron Biology
  9. Microbiota
  10. Tissue Injury and Repair
  11. Drug Delivery 
  12. Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) 
  13. ​Neuroscience and Neuropsychiatry
  14. Human Disease Biomarkers Discovery
  15. Virology and Parasitology

Public Health Research Center

  1. Dental Biomaterials
  2. Health Promotion
  3. Improving Health Care Delivery and Medicines Use
  4. Nutrition and Food
  5. Wound Healing & Oral Diagnostics
  6. Clinical Epidemiology 
  7. Biomedical and Molecular Imaging 
  8. University of Sharjah Health Economic &Financing 
  9. ​​Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation

University of Sharjah Center for Diabetes