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Emirati Youth Research Fellowship Program


Vision: Developing the skills of young Emirati researchers and investing in their capabilities to serve society


1-     Program brief: The first of its kind in UAE and the Arab World, Emirati Youth Research Fellowship Program is a research program established in the University of Sharjah, by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. The program aims to provide Emirati youth with an opportunity to acquire research expertise, develop their skills, and invest in their capabilities to be utilized in serving and developing their community. The program welcomes Emirati youth above the age of 20, who are holders of Diploma, Bachelor, Master, or PhD degrees to join one of the following Research Institutes in accordance with their specialization:

    • Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS)
    • Research Institute of Medical and Health Sciences (RIMHS)
    • Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE)

2-     Expected members of the research fellowship program:

    • Holders of Diploma, Bachelor, Master, or PhD degrees
    • Emirati researchers working in research institutes or research departments of government or non-government organizations in the UAE
    • Emirati Researchers looking for a job opportunity
    • University of Sharjah alumni
    • Emirati youths pursuing their higher education in the Arab and western universities

3-     The unique nature of this program:

University of Sharjah, motivated by its noble mission, and as part of its relentless efforts to educate current generations of young youth, aspires to equip those young individuals with the necessary research skill and capabilities. The university intends to prepare young generations to perform their expected future roles as future leaders and professionals. This quest comes fully in line with the national agenda of Emirati youth which aims to create a generation of young Emirati who act as role models for all youths around the world, and who are adequately empowered to become distinguished and efficient citizens on the national and international levels.


“Emirati Youth Research Fellowship Program" is the first of its kind for young citizens in the UAE. The program targets Emirati young people who are either looking for a suitable job opportunity, or those who are already working in government or private-sector institutions. Students inside UAE or abroad are also among the targeted population. The program will be covering various aspects pertaining to the development of youth productivity in the field of academic research, starting from participation in their respective institute's programs and activities, up to accomplishing the requirements of completing this fellowship program.


4-     Objectives and outcomes of the fellowship program:

    • Developing research skills of Emirati youth in the various fields of Academic research.
    • Assisting Emirati youth researchers in efficiently utilizing their free time during their work or academic breaks.
    • Providing opportunities for interaction and cooperation between researchers and University of Sharjah graduate students and their supervisors.
    • Enabling Emirati young researchers to benefit from their respective institute national and international relations.
    • Encouraging members to engage with the distinguished professors and researchers in order to enhance their research skills and use them to serve their communities.
    • Spreading awareness with regard to research priorities of the United Arab Emirates
    • Investing in the talents and scientific capabilities of Emirati youth.
    • Establishing a dedicated platform for Emirati research network, aiming to nurture the culture of academic research among them, hence satisfying the needs of the UAE community for research through the fellowship program.

5-     Research activities and the expected research fellowship experience:

    • According to the University system in the field of academic research, research activities in this program are varied, focusing on the following domains:
    • Research skills, field visits, laboratory experiments, research visits, participation in university conferences, interacting with international researchers and speakers, collaborating with university graduate students at university forums, all with the aim of enhancing their research capacities and ability to cause positive effects in their communities.

6-     Period and categories of the fellowship program:

The fellowship program offers 4 categories of research which allow young researchers to concentrate on acquiring research experience in various projects and fields, or on working with certain research groups. The program can extend from a period of 1 month till one year, based on the member's desire and choice.

7-     Applying for the fellowship program:

To apply to join this program, kindly download and fill the application form, then attach the required documents.

8-     Deadline for application to the fellowship program:

Application for the program is open all through the year.

9-     Management of the fellowship program:

The Emirati Youth Fellowship Program is managed and implemented by the Research Institutes of the office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies.

​10- Accomplishment of the fellowship program and attaining the fellowship certificate:

  • The Emirati Youth Fellowship Program Committee will approve the accomplishment of the program requirements in accordance with the University of Sharjah regulations.
  • University of Sharjah will issue certificates for successfully completing the program conferred by His Excellency University of Sharjah Chancellor.
  • Fellows who accomplished the program in the specified period according to the specified conditions will be added to the list of “Emirati Youth Research Fellows" of their respective institute.


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