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Contact Us

+971 (6) 505 7651


Research Office

The Research office for the group is located at the Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Research in the University of Sharjah. 

Research Groups:

Title: Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders (MSRD) Research Group

Overview & Subject Areas:

The mission of this group is to add scientific information related to the prevalence, predictors, prevention, and management of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and related disorders at local, regional and international levels by conducting population based clinical, epidemiological  and molecular studies; engage in student research and training as well as establish national and international collaborations to reduce the burden of metabolic syndrome and related disorders in the UAE. 

  • The objectives of the group are to:
    §  Identify the trends of MetS occurrence in the UAE population (national and expatriate) across different physiological groups (age and sex)
    §  Determine the clinical and biochemical changes associated with MetS (adipcytokines, oxidative stress and inflammatory markers etc.)
    §  Associate MetS with related organ-system disorders
    §  Relate MetS with dietary patterns and lifestyle of the population
    §  Intervene to improve the components of MetS through dietary diversification and lifestyle
    §  Study the genetic variation related to MetS and its component                                                                                                        


The group will focus their research under two main themes:

  • Basic science research
  • Lifestyle intervention
  • Physical activity
  • Nutritional status