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Dr. Hamzah Alzubaidi

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  5. Alzubaidy H, Mc Namara K, Browning C. Time to question diabetes self-management support for Arabic-speaking migrants: exploring a new model of care. The Diabetic Medicine -  accepted, The Official Journal of Diabetes UK

Dr. Kevin Mc Namara

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Professor Colette Browning

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Associate professor Abduelmula Abduelkarem

  1. Manal Al Sha'rawy, Abduelmula Abduelkarem, Shifaa Abdin, Layal  Kourbaj, Leena Kamal.  Public Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitudes Towards Camphor Poisoning in Sharjah, UAE.  Journal of Public Health, Pharmacology and Toxicology 2016;1(2): 6-14,
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Dr. Osama Ibrahim

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Dr. Rand M. Ibrahim

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Dr. Rand Hussein

  1. Osama Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, Rand Nidal Hussein." KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE AND PREVALENCE OF USE OF HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY AMONG WOMEN IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES". 2016, Asian J Pharm Clin Res, Vol 9, Issue 3, 1-5.
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