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Research Group has conducted several studies assessing public health in areas of importance to the UAE to help identify gaps in current knowledge and priorities in future research. Such as :

Currently, the group is running interdisciplinary research that aims to promote the health and well-being of different population groups. The HPRG research projects have been supported by several internal and external grants

  1. Prevalence and severity of tooth wear among adolescents in the UAE

  2. Examining the adherence to dietary and lifestyle guidelines among pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes in the UAE: Gaps and opportunities.

  3. Towards evidence-based recommendations for better Health and Wellness of older adults in the United Arab Emirates: A multidimensional health profile assessment

  4. To assess the quality of life and quality of sleep among adolescents

  5. Sleep Health Promotion Program for UoS College Students


In addition to research activities, the HPRG is involved in many community activities

Community engagement activities: Our HPRG team conducted several community-engagement activities that focused on public health interventions promoting physical activities, healthy lifestyle behaviours, oral health hygiene, and healthy eating habits targeting school children, the general public, university students, and older adults.

Many other activities will be done in collaboration with key community associations and departments. Moreover, as per the Chancellor and VCRG recommendations, the HPRG will plan to study the impact/outcomes of community research activities using evidence-based approaches in our community.