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Goals and Objectives

Health promotion Research group Goals are:

  1. Develop a health profile of people in all age groups using comprehensive screening/assessment tools.
  2. Promote health and prevent diseases through addressing health determinants.
  3. Develop multidisciplinary approach to public health to raise awareness about important health issues,
  4. Collaborate with local community to develop preventive health programs that address health needs of UAE population.


Our Objectives

Stage 1: adolescents' population

Establish  a health profile of adolescents that serves as the basis for evidence-based health promotion interventions.

Prioritized health profile will include:

  1. Nutritional and life style assessment
  2. General Physical health assessment
  3. Ergonomic assessment.
  4. Oral health  
  5. Mental health
  6. Smoking
  7. Quality of sleep, academic performance, lunch book assessment

Stage 2: Older adults' population

  1. Assess quality of life of older adults in the country
  2. Identify nutritional needs of older adults in the country
  3. Identify barriers to healthcare utilization services
  4. Identify areas of older adults' mistreatment