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Goals and Objectives

  • We aim that our research collaborations which include community partnerships can be an effective way to broaden the scope and enhance the impact of research aimed at improving public health.

  • The objectives of the HPRG are to:

    1. Conduct impactful research to address the health challenges of our community to identify effective strategies and interventions for promoting health and preventing disease.

    2. Develop evidence-based health promotion programs and guidelines for healthcare providers targeted at specific populations or health issues.

    3. Develop a health profile of people in all age groups using comprehensive screening/assessment tools.

    4. Investigate the social, environmental, and behavioral factors and determinants to prevent diseases.

    5. Implement a multidisciplinary approach to raise awareness about important health issues.

    6. Collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to implement, monitor, and evaluate the impact of health promotion initiatives and research activities that address the health needs the of UAE population.

    7. Disseminate research findings through publications, presentations, and educational materials to contribute to the body of knowledge in health promotion.