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​       Biomarkers are biomolecules that are associated with or inform about physiological processes, diseases, and so on. There is an urgent need to identify novel biomarkers that are first and foremost informative about a specific disease (or a set of diseases) and the majority of them are applicable to the target population. Proteomics and metabolomics methodologies are now the foundation of fundamental and translational biomedical research all over the world. The use of proteomics and metabolomics in the search for disease biomarkers, on the other hand, will continue to advance drug development and personalized therapy in the future. A panel of novel protein/metabolite sensitive biomarkers will undoubtedly be a valuable bio-molecular resource for effectively monitoring drug treatment and accurately assessing the efficacy of new drugs/therapies (including the nature inspired compound library available at the Sharjah Institute for Medical Research (SIMR)).