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The Renewable Energy Research Laboratory (RERL), Research Institute for Sciences and Engineering, at the University of Sharjah is a supporting facility for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development activities specialized in future energy technologies (clean, innovative, sustainable, smart, reliable and cost effective energy systems): Renewable Energy: solar (solar PV, solar thermal, bifacial solar PV), wind, biomass (bioenergy and biofuels – hydrogen, biogas, syngas, bio-oil, and biodiesel), geothermal, hydro, and ocean; Energy Efficiency (Buildings, industrial applications and transportation), Energy Management and control, Energy Modeling and Simulation, and Energy Forecasting using AI and ML. The RERL is actively serving as a testing facility for collaborative research projects between academia, government agencies and industry in the energy field. It provides the training opportunities for students and researchers. RERL is also serving the community at the local and regional levels by its design and consultation services for innovative and sustainable energy solutions and the development of international energy research collaboration.