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Group/Program A: Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing:
  • Mechatronics Mechanisms Automation
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication (Fab. of PCB)
  • Repairing PCB
  • Satellite Receiver LNB/TVRO receivers
  • Miniature Models and Simulation Solutions
 Group B/Program B: Technical Solutions:
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems
  • Laser Scanning Modeling
  • Satellite Communication
  • System Integration
  • Simulation and Active Modeling
  • Communication Solution
  • Network Solutions
  • Embedded Systems
  • Instrumentation and Sensors Network
Group C/Program C: Training and Knowledge Exchange:
  • Arduino Systems
  • PCB
  • Networks for Integration
  • Applied Electronics
  • Planning and Engineering Management
  • Professional Development
Research Centers and Groups that Typically Utilize Facility:
  • Faculty Research
  • Senior Design Project
  • Student Research
  • Class Project
  • Other projects (External Governmental)
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