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The supporting facilities are located as a mid-layer between RISE top management and research executive layers such as research groups to support RISE objectives for academic and applied research purposes. Electrical and Electronics Workshop is a professional workshop equipped with advanced tools and machines to provide electrical and electronics systems implementation services as projects and products to support research projects and papers. It is the implementation center where researchers can request an implementation of PCBs, Network of sensors, Communication circuits or any other service that is required to make their research objectives successfully achieved. We cross limits to reach international firms and service providers if the capabilities of the workshop cannot implement to offer the required support through strong supply chain. We are targeting to develop workshop services that help the University of Sharjah to be the top listed universities in the region in applied research and to be the first in crossing the borders between market and academic communities. As professionals we are dedicated in RISE supporting facilities, to approach your scientific problems to offer innovative and scientific solutions and applications that support research objectives and outcomes in our community in U.A.E generally and in UoS Specifically. We are the one-stop-shop hub for researchers and talented persons where ideas get implemented following a standardized methodology.