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The strategy for our research services is to offer a broad array of research services and support.
Education / Training/ Consultancy Services
  • Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing expert opinions, technical support, and training to students, researchers, and faculty members in environmental biology, plant sciences, molecular biology, plant tissue culture technologies, and human genetic and stem cell research, leading to innovation, discoveries, and product development.
  • Various short courses, seminars, workshops and conferences are conducted at the Biotechnology laboratory on a variety of topics related to biotechnology.
Collaborations and Community Services
  • Researchers at the lab take part in academic and industrial research as well as consult in research and development projects with academia and industry.
  • Sharing and exchanging knowledge updates and new research findings.

International collaboration

University of Kent, Biosciences School, Griffin Lab, United Kingdom:
We have several collaborative projects running with the University of Kent related to the evolutionary process of animals and studies to uncover the relationship between different animal species, specifically those in the bird world. These studies aim to build phylogeny trees for a variety of animal species in the UAE.

University of Sciences and Technology of Houari Boumediene, Biological Sciences Faculty, Arid Area Research Laboratory, Algiers, Algeria.
In conjunction with the University of Sciences and Technology of Houari Boumediene, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Algeria, the Biotech Lab is collaborating on several research projects for the wild animals and animals under threat, including genetic studies of genotype and biochemistry of rodents. Among the subjects studied are biochemistry and the reproduction behaviour of animals.