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AMRL Supports all kind of research oriented collaborations and offer a variety of research oriented professional services, including training, testing and consultation services. The lab will provide not only unique research opportunities for concerned community members in the areas of materials science, radiation monitoring, assessment and safety, But also provide consulting and training services to municipalities, forensic labs, environmental agencies, museums, and the energy sector, among others in addition to training and consulting services to hospitals, civil defense, customs, arm forces, police, environmental agencies and much more.

UOS Programs That May Use Entity Facilities:

Under graduate and graduate students of UoS (physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Civil Engineering, Dental College, Pharmacy College), Sustainable Energy Development Research Group, Functional Materials Research Group, American University of Sharjah, Ajman University of Science and Technology, Dubai Pharmacy College, etc.