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Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) is a support facility for research activities under the Research Institute of Science and Engineering (RISE). The lab provides services to the research communities and the students of the University of Sharjah and the professional community in general. The vision of AMRL is to achieve excellence in materials research and education, by combining local resources and expertise, in order to provide solutions to complex technical challenges in materials design, enhancement, utilization, and identification.

AMRL will strive to excel in utilizing various microstructural characterization techniques for the analysis of materials and help developing new materials that are of interest to researchers and local industries. It will also strive to achieve national prominence in targeted research areas that include energy, environment, health, and cultural heritage.

Some of the services offered by the lab include:

  • Elemental analysis (solids, powders, liquids)
  • Investigation of chemical composition (dyes, oils, paints)
  • Crystallinity measurements (geological samples, cement, building materials)
  • Nano and Microscopy (biological samples, metal surfaces, semiconductor devices, ceramics)
  • Environmental pollution studies (water, soil, aerosols)