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​Main Research Areas
The smart grid research group members are engaged in interdisciplinary research focused on the following priority lines of research: 
  1. Power management by controlling the injected power to the smart grid
  2. Operating different energy sources from the distributed generation systems
  3. Operation and control of the smart grid, in which it includes the following:     

Grid-Connected Mode:
i. Protection schemes by considering different flows of power with over current protection.
ii.  Power management and distributed generation systems. (Dr. Ramesh, Dr. Amr, Dr. Abdul Kadir, Dr. Mohamed, and Dr. Ali )
iii.  Integration of PV-system with the power grid/microgrid (Dr. Abdul Kadir)
iv. Signal processing/estimation techniques for microgrids (Dr. Amr and Dr. Mohamed) 

Islanded Mode:   
i. Operation and control of microgrids/smart grids. (Dr. Amr, Dr. Ramesh, Dr. Mohamed, Dr. Abdul Kadir, and Dr. Ali)
ii.  Building an experimental prototype of the microgrid (Dr. Amr, Dr. Abdul Kadir, Dr. Ramesh, and Dr. Ali)
iii. Advanced drive systems. (Dr. Ali and Dr. Amr)

Where the summary of the research areas are shown in the following figure:

Research Projects:
Some featured projects of smart grid research group are listed below:

1. Title of Project: Advanced sliding mode control for the distributed generation systems
 Principal Investigators’: Dr. Amr and Dr. Ali
2. Title of Project: 3kw system using PV/T front (optical filter) and back Nano fluid cooling Influence of Particle Morphology on Strength Properties of UAE Carbonate Sands
 Principal Investigator: Prof. Abdul Kadir Hamid
3. Title of Project: Development of Intensity-Duration-Frequency relationship for Sharjah city under changing climate Operation of the distributed generation system by an improved direct power control
 Principal Investigators’: Dr. Amr, Dr. Mohamed, Dr. Ali