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Main Research Areas:

SCMASS envisions two major research tracks consisting of a series of projects involving industry partners, faculty members, research fellows, and graduate students. These research tracks involve different integral research components such as durability of construction materials, advanced cement-based composites, low-carbon cementitious binders, advanced polymer-based materials, structural applications using emerging advanced composite materials, rehabilitation of structures, seismic assessment of metal, concrete and composite structures, innovative structural systems and components for seismic applications. The research is carried out using rigorous and advanced analytical and experimental techniques in line with the projects' requirements. The two research lines are as follows:

 1. Sustainable Construction Materials:

This research line intends to develop and promote sustainable, durable, and high-performance construction materials that meet the new and emerging needs for sustainable structural systems. The research line will focus on the development and characterization of advanced construction materials like high-performance fiber reinforced concrete (HPFRC), fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP), low-carbon cementitious binders, engineered cementitious composites (ECC), and integration of such materials for structural applications, including upgrading and retrofitting of existing structures. Furthermore, this line will include research to improve recycled and reclaimed materials in the construction industry.

 2. Sound and Sustainable Structural Systems:

This research line intends to promote sustainable and long-lasting structures under severe loads and environmental conditions. Of particular interest are research activities focusing on seismic-resilient systems, blast- and impact-resistant structures, and novel energy dissipation and isolation materials and devices. This research line involves designing, testing, evaluating, and analyzing structural systems/components, including buildings and bridges that incorporate new and emerging composite and high-performance materials under static, dynamic, impact, blast, and cyclic loading.

Selected Research Projects:

1. Experimental Study on Pervious Concrete: An Eco-Friendly Concrete Pavement.
Investigators: Dr. Waleed Zeiada, Prof. Ghazi Al-Khateeb, Prof. Salah Al-Toubat, and Dr. Mohamed Arab
Sponser: Ministry of infrastructure

2. 3D-Printed Polymer-Based Reinforcement for Structural Elements.
Investigators: Dr. M. Talha Junaid, Prof. Samer Barakat, and Prof. Salah Altoubat 
Sponsor: University of Sharjah

3. Performance of Crumb Rubber-Modified Warm Mix Asphalt in the UAE.
Investigators: Prof. Ghazi Al-Khateeb and Dr. Waleed Zeiada
Sponsor: University of Sharjah

4. Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of UAE Low Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Suggested Retrofitting Methods.                                  Investigators: Dr. Zaied Al-Sadoon and Dr. Moussa Leblouba                Sponsor: University of Sharjah

5. Experimental Study on the Shear Strength of Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (EB-FRP) Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams.                  Investigators: Dr. Moussa Leblouba, Prof. Samer Barakat, Prof. Salah Altoubat, and Dr. M. Talha Junaid                                                                            Sponsor: University of Sharjah

6. Estimation of Earthquake Hazard in Sharjah.                      Investigators: prof. Samer Barakat, Prof. Salah Altoubat, Prof. Mohmed Maalej, Dr. Moussa Leblouba, Dr. Maher Omar, and Prof. Abdallah Shanableh.                  Sponsor: University of Sharjah

7. Punching Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Macro Synthetic Fibers.                                                                                    Investigators: Prof. Salah Al Toubat, Prof. Mohamed Maalej, and Dr. Pierre Estephane. Sponsor: University of Sharjah, gcp Applied Technologies, Almeraikhi Precast Company

8. Restrained Shrinkage and Cracking Behavior of Ambient Cured Geopolymer Concrete.                                                                                    Investigators: Dr. M. Talha Junaid, Prof. Salah Altoubat, Dr. Moussa Leblouba, and Prof. Samer Barakat                                                                                            Sponsor: University of Sharjah

9. Seismic Retrofitting of Deficient Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Buckling Restrained Braces and Innovative Materials.                      Investigators: Dr. Zaid Al-Sadoon, Dr. Moussa Leblouba, Prof. Samer Barakat, Prof. Salah Al-Toubat, and Prof. Mohamad Maalej                                                  Sponsor: University of Sharjah

10. Producing Sustainable Asphalt Binders using Dates Seeds Fillers.          Investigators: Prof. Ghazi Al-Khateeb and Dr. Waleed Zeiada.            Sponsor: University of Sharjah

11.Effect of Bio-Oils Extracted from Local Date Seeds on Rheological Properties of Modified Asphalt Binder.                                                              Investigators: Dr. Waleed Zeiada, Prof. Ghazi Al-Khateeb, and Prof. Abdallah Shanableh                                                                                    Sponsor: University of Sharjah