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Goals and Objectives

To fulfill its mission, the SCIS research group has four goals and a number of objectives as follows:

1. Advance Research and Innovation:

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research addressing complex and integrated civil infrastructure problems, with focus on those of Sharjah, UAE, and the region
  • Expand knowledge and provide cutting edge solutions to improve sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, safety and accessibility of civil infrastructure systems
  • Develop strategies and policies related to sustainability of  civil infrastructure systems in collaboration with government and private organizations

2. Provide Training, Consultancy and Community Services:

  • Provide specialized training in the area of sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Provide specialized consultancy services in the area of sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Support concerned governmental agencies and organizations in Sharjah and other Emirates on joint projects that enhance the sustainability of civil infrastructure systems

3. Disseminate Knowledge and Pursue Community Outreach:

  • Organize  professional courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences related to sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Actively pursue publishing research findings in renowned journals and conferences and provide relevant info to community through the media and group's website

4. Enhance and Develop Sustainable Infrastructure Educational Programs:

  • Emphasize the practical and innovative aspects of sustainable infrastructure education in Existing undergraduate and graduate courses in the Civil Engineering program,
  • Offer new integrated courses on sustainable infrastructure systems.
  • Integrate graduate and undergraduate in research and professional activities of the group
  • Provide tailored internship program with collaborating organizations and institutes