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• Background

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Research Line is aiming to promote advanced and innovative research in the field of Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable and Alternative Fuels, Energy Monitoring, Energy Control and Management, Energy Systems Modeling and Simulation, Sustainability, Energy Planning and Climate Change Mitigation, Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy-Water Nexus, and Waste to Energy Conversion. The Sustainable Energy research group (SEDRG) will serve as a platform for collaborative research efforts fostering the interaction between academia, industry, and governmental agencies in the field of energy. The goal at the end is to relate all these research efforts to solve global real-life dilemmas in the energy field.


• Goals & Objectives

 To Provide Advanced Research and Innovation in:

  • Renewable Energy:  Solar Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power, Wind, Bioenergy, and Geothermal 
  • Energy Efficiency: Building, Industry and Transportation 
  • Renewable and Alternative Fuels: Biogas, Biodiesel, Syngas, and Hydrogen
  • Energy Management/ Sustainability / Energy Systems Modeling and Simulation

To Provide Training, Consultancy and Community Services:

  • Provide specialized training in the energy field.
  • Provide specialized training in renewable and sustainable energy.
  • Provide specialized energy consultancy services.
  • Support concerned governmental agencies and organizations.

Disseminate Knowledge and Pursue Community Outreach:

  • Organize professional courses, workshops, and conferences.
  • Provide relevant publishing and research findings to community.


• History

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency research line was part of the independent Sustainable Energy Development research group, which was established on 2015 and was part of the Research Institute of Science and Engineering (RISE) under the supervision of Dr. Chaouki Ghenai. Recently, it became a separate research line by itself under the Renewable Energy and Power Systems Research Center in RISE with Dr. Ghenai leading the supervision of the group. The group currently consists of 12 members including Professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors, one Post-Doctoral Research Associate, a Lab Engineer and a Research Assistant, all with strong knowledge and background in the field of Renewable Energy (Solar Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power, Wind, Hydro energy, Bioenergy, and Geothermal), Energy Efficiency and Management, Sustainability, Energy Planning and Climate Change Mitigation, Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy-Water Nexus, and Waste to Energy Conversion. The research line had succeeded in publishing plenty of high-quality journal articles in different high-impact journals, conference papers, books, and book chapters in the field of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and energy simulation and optimization. The group members have participated in many conferences, organized and been part of many workshops, and seminars related to Renewable and Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Furthermore, they were able to win the top places in several local and international awards and recognitions related to research and development. Moreover, they succeeded in supervising many post-graduate students who focused on Renewable Energy and Sustainability-related projects. Following to the establishment of the Renewable Energy Development research group on 2015, The Renewable Energy Research Laboratory was established as well under RISE to include various advanced research facilities and systems to serve and support the ongoing research works in the field of Sustainable and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.