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Student's Research Projects

​Research Grants for the year - 2017-2018

Student's Project Supervisor
Title of Project Amount (AED)
1Abdallah Shanableh Combined Production of Three Biofuel Resources from Microalgae Feedstock5000
2Abdelaziz ElgamouzAntioxidant Activities of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles from Crude Extract of Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger, Cumin, And Curcumin5000
3Abdelaziz ElgamouzB-Cyclodextrin-Stabilized Ag Nanoparticles as colorimetric sensor for oxygen reactive species5000
4Abdelaziz TliliMutational analysis of FOXC2 gene in a UAE family with distichiasis5000
5Abdelaziz TliliGenetic Analysis of a UAE Family with Ventricular Septal Defect5000
6Abdelaziz TliliIdentification and Study of GJB2 Splice Mutations Responsible for Deafness in UAE5000
7 Abdul Hai AlamiEnhancement of Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells 5000
8 Abdul Hai AlamiElectrolyte Selection for Third Generation Solar Cells2574
9 Abdul Hai AlamiImproving the Stability and Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells5000
10 Abdul Hai AlamiSolar Thermal Nozzle5000
11Abdul Hai AlamiLow Cost Ball Milled Graphene for 3rd Generation Photovoltaic Applications5000
12Abdul Kadir HmaidDesign of Electric Vehicles Charging Station Powered by Grid-Tied PV System.5000
13Abdul Kadir HmaidIntelligent Control System for Solar Powered LED Street Light in Sharjah5000
14Abrar InayatBiomass Gasification Technology for Irrigation Water Pumping5000
15Abrar InayatBiodiesel production from neem oil with using (KOH,AC) as catalyst5000
16Ahmed ElwakilEnvironmentally Friendly Garbage Bin 5000
17Ahmed ElwakilAutonomous Vehicle for Painting Applications 1716
18Ahmed ElWakilImpedance Cardiography3155
19Ali Bou NassifIntelligent Cane4650
20Ali Bou NassifSmart Power Outage Detection 1155
21Ali El-KeblawyImpacts of Endophyte Microbes Isolated from Invasive Prosopis Juliflora Plant on Performance of Neighboring Calotropis Procera Plant5000
22Amer GhiasSmart Power Switch4535
23Amr El NadyFive Level Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel Inverters (CHS-MLI) Based AC Power Source Integrated With Power Grid2202
24Anis AllaguiSelf-Supported 3D Foam Architecture for Na-Ion Batteries4840
25Ayssar NahleUAE Corchorus Depressus (L.) Stocks Extracts as a corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCL Solution5000
26Ayssar NahleUAE Sesuvium verrucosum Raf. Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCI Solution5000
27Ayssar NahleUAE Indigofera Intricata Boiss Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCI Solution5000
28Bassel SoudanIoT Controlled Autonomous Delivery Viehcle5000
29Chaouki GhenaiPolygeneration Energy System5000
30Chaouki GhenaiDesign of Solar PV/ Fuel Cell Hybrid Micro-Power System5000
31Chaouki GhenaiDesign of Passive Cooling for Residential Building5000
32Chaouki GhenaiDesign and Implementation of Energy Management System5000
33Di ZhangOptical Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Metallic Nano Materials5000
34Di ZhangDesign and Manufacture of P3HT: PCBM Organic Solar Cells5000
35Di ZhangOptically Enhanced Solar Cells using Nanoimprinted Metallic Grating5000
36Hassane Haj KacemExpression Profiling of SLC26A4 in Epithelial Human Cells5000
37Hassane Haj KacemExpression Profiling of SLC26A4 in Mammalian Cells5000
38Hussien Ali HussienElectric Vehicle (Suspension and Steering System)4329
39Hussien Ali HussienChassis, Gearbox, and Braking Systems for the Electric Vehicle5000
40Khaled BajouNviroMatic Edition 2 For High End Industrial and Environmental Monitoring and Wide Range Research Purposes4800
41Khaled BajouRole of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 in Cancer5000
42Khaled BajouEffect of Natural Products on Clot Lysis using an in Vitro Model5000
43Khalil A. KhalilDevelopment of Capacitive Unit Cell for Water Desalination5000
44Khalil A. KhalilPower Generation Using Car Speed Breaker with Auto Street Light System5000
45Khalil A. KhalilPowerless Mechanical Elevator Bench Size Scissor Lift5000
46Mamdouh El HajThermoelectric Dehumidification System5000
47Manar Abu TalibPhase 2 of OpenUAE4995
48Mohamed AbdallahApplication and Development of Innovative Wastewater Management Systems in UAE5000
49Mohamed AbdallahOn-Campus Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant & Experimental Facility5000
50Mohamed El NaggarSynthesis of new 5-aminosalicylate derivatives with promising anticancer activity5000
51Mohamed SaadSmart Checkout2010
52Mohamed SaadSmart Cheating Detection &Localization System2430
53Mohammad Ali Abdul KareemEnhancing Water Desalination using Localized Heating by Plasmonic Membrane4500
54Mohammad AlShabiDesign and Implement an Automatic Doorstop that Prevents Injuries.5000
55Mohammad AlShabiDesign and Implement a MYO Wheelchair5000
56Mohammad AlShabiDesign and Implement Submarine for Special Purposes.5000
57Mohammad AlShabiFire Fighting Mobile Robot5000
58Mohammed KamilDeveloping Bio-Diesel Fuel From Different Feedstocks for Diesel Engines5000
59Mohammed KamilPressure Drop in Coils5000
60Mohammed KamilDeveloping Additives for Bio-Diesel Fuel5000
61Mohammed KamilDesigning and Developing a Bio-Alcohol Fuel Production System5000
62Mona R. HassunehAssessing the Ability of Sparteine Sulfate to Induce Regulatory T-Cells Gene Profile in the vitro Activated T-Cells5000
63Mona R. HassunehAssessment of CMV Infection among University of Sharjah Senior Female Students5000
64Mona R. HassunehAssessment of Stress Levels in Sharjah University Students and its Correlation with Immune Suppression 5000
65Muhammad Nasir KhanProfiling of the Anti-Cancer Activities of Dryoperis Marginalis Plant Extract on MDA-MB231 Cells5000
66Muhammad Nasir KhanScreening anticancer activities of Asplemium plants in MG63 and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) cell lines5000
67Muhammad TawalbehSolar Tracking and Positioning Robot4920
68Muhammad TawalbehDesign of An Integrated Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Membrane Distillation (MD) Desalination System 5000
69Muhammad ZubairRadioactivity investigation of aerosols and water in Sharjah4000
70Naser NawaysehBiodynamic Response to Horizontal Whole Body Vibration 5000
71Naveed AhmedPuzzHack: A Virtual Reality Puzzle1500
72Naveed AhmedA Game of Thought3000
73Naveed AhmedAssistive Technology for Autistic Children3000
74Qassim NasirEstablishment of Trust in Software-Defined Network using Trusted Platform Module1590
75Qassim NasirInternet of Things Testbed2472
76Qassim NasirSecure IoT Lighting and Monitoring Based System3360
77Raouf FarehMobile Robotic Arm System for Handling Laboratories Spills Accidents5000
78Raouf FarehModular Multi-Level Inverter Based on Hybrid Energy Sources3584
79Saeed AbdullahSolar-Powered Quadcopter4303
80Salaheddine BendakInfluence of Fatigue on Safety Behaviour of Taxi Drivers in Sharjah City1800
81Shek Atiqure RahmanPerformance of Thermal Energy Storage System with Phase Change Materials (PCM) for Solar Water Heating Application5000
82Shek Atiqure RahmanDesign and Performance analysis of an energy efficient evacuated tube solar collector for heating application using nanofluid5000
83Shek Atiqure RahmanSolar Power Air Conditioning System5000
84Sohaib MajzoubBehaviour Analysis Tool for Autistic Children Using EEG Signals 3084
85Soliman MahmoudLaser Technology for Customizing Solar PV Dicing5000
86Syarif JunaidiCorrosion Behavior of Martensitic Stainless Steel1550
87Syarif JunaidiFabrication of Nano-TiC Reinforced Aluminum.5000
88Syarif JunaidiFabrication of Titanium Carbide, Iron Carbide, and Silicon Carbide Nanolayer CDI Electrodes to Enhance Water Desalination5000
89 Talal BonnySecure IoT Home Safe 1770
90 Talal BonnyThe Intelligent Road System2622
91Tamer RabieWide Range Indoor Positioning System 1549
92Tamer RabieA Multisensory Epileptic Detection Belt 1060
93Walid MetwallyRadioactivity Analysis in Water Samples
94Zafar SaidThermophysical Properties of nonfluids and it's Effect on Car Radiator5000
Zafar Said
Increasing Efficiency of District Cooling using Encapsulated PCM as TES.

Research Grants for the year - 2018-2019

Student's Project Supervisor
Title of Project 
Amount (AED)
1Abdelaziz ElgamouzFormulation of Vitamin D Encapsulated Argan Oil Nano-emulsion: It's Potential Anti-oxidant Activity5000
2Abdelaziz ElgamouzRAMAN and DSC Analysis of The Black Streaked Mancole Bream (Ebzimi) in the Presence and Absense of Natural Antioxidants5000
3Abdelaziz TililiFinding Mutations Responsible for Autosomal Recessive Deafiness5000
4Abdelaziz TililiMolecular and genetics analysis of a case affected with hereditary deafness5000
5Abdul Ghani OlabiPlasmon Enhances Solar Desalination Using Nanoparticles5000
6Abdul Hai AlamiCompressed Air Energy Storage for Light Vehicle Propulsion5000
7Abdul Hai AlamiImproving Photoelectric Activity of TiO2 in Perovskite Solar Cells5000
8Abdulkader Hamid Harvesting Electromagnetic Fields from Power Lines1641
9Abdullah Fahad AlmuteryIdentification of novel single nucleotide polymorphosims (SNPs) of CYP3A5 in healthy Emirati population.5000
10Abrar InayatDesign of Fast Pyrolysis Process for Bio-Oil Production from Coffee Waste in the UAE5000
11Ahmed AlmehdiHemoglobin and Myoglobin Sensing Mediated with a Porphyrin Mimicked Macrocycle5000
12Ahmed Elwakil
Extraction of Biomedical Information Using a Portable ECG Device
13Ahmed ElwakilSolar Powered Portable Water Desalination Unit2553
14Ahmed ElwakilBody Mass Composition Measurements Using a Portable Device828
15Ahmed HachichaThe Effect of Dust on Solar Systems and Dust Mitigation Methods5000
16Ahmed M.AlmehdiEffect of Tartrazine food color on glucose-6-P-dehydrogenase, a redox enzyme: an enzyme kinetic study in vitro.5000
17Ahmed M.AlmehdiAntagonist effect of divalent ions towards Azorubine dye toxicity to Serum Albumin conjugation in vitro5000
18Ali El-KeblawyImpact of Endophytic Pantoea spp on Caltropis Procera in Phytoremediation of Lead Contaminated Environment5000
19Ali A. El Moursy Smart Wheelchair for People with Quadriplegia3798
20Ali Bou Nassif
Smart Lock System
21Ali Bou NassifEEG Assistive Arm5000
22Anis AllaguiDirect Urea Fuel Cell as a Power Source from Waste and Fertilizers1725.72
23Anwar Hasan JarndalDesign and Implementation of High Efficiency WPT System for Portable Devices3476.83
24Ayssar NahleUAE Convolvulus Prostrate Forssk. Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCL Solution.5000
25Bashria Yousef Analysis of Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Coupled with Organic Rankine Cycle5000
26Bassel SoudanAutonomous UAVs for victim Localization Using Thermal Scanning5000
27Bassel SoudanADS (Autonomous Delivery System) using Drone-guided Robot5000
28Chaouki GhenaiDesign and Optimization of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector (PTC) Integrated with a Hybrid Multi-effect Distillation Adsorption Desalination System (MEDAD)5000
29Di ZhangLead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells5000
30Di ZhangEnhancing the Performance of Organic Solar Cells with Nanostructured Layers4850
31Eqab Rateb Al MajaliAutomatic Solar Panels Cleaning System4956.58
32Haseen Hadj KacemMolecular Genetics of Familial Adrenal Insufficiency
33Hussain Ali HussainElectric Vehicles (Rear Axle Design for Electric Vehicle).5000
34Hussain Ali HussainDesign of Body and Rear Suspension System of an Electric Vehicle5000
35Ideisan I. Abu-AbdoumPhotoinitated Polymerization reactions by metal carbonyls5000
36In-Ju KimSafety Assessment of Local Shopping Malls in the United Arabi Emirate: Fall incidence Investigation and Prevention Strategies4800
37Ismail SaadounAssessment of Different Surfaces in DNA Recovery for Forensic Purposes5000
38Khalid BajouEffect of Sulfa Derived Drugs on the Breast Cancer Cells Progression4996
39Kamrul HassanSolid Supported Cu(II) Schiff Base Catalyst for the Green Sythesis of Propargylaimnes5000
40Kareem Aly MosaComparitive Analysis of Drought Stress Effects on Two Citrullus Sister Species; Watermelon Citrillus Lanatus and Desert Gourd Citrillus Coccynthis5000
41Kareem Aly MosaPhytotoxicity Assessment of Cobalt Nanoparticles on Cucumber Plants5000
42Kareem Aly MosaAssessment pf Aluminum uptake, localization, and accumulation on cucumber plants.5000
43Khalid M. RamadanStudy of the Effect of Extended Surfaces on Heat Exchanger Tubes5000
44Khalil Abdelrazek KhalilCo-axial Electrospinning Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications5000
45Khalil Abdelrazek KhalilOrganic-inorganic Hybrid Membrane for Oil/Water Separations

46Khalil Abdelrazek KhalilFabrication and Characterization of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) Nanofibers by Electrospinning Process5000
47Mohamed AbdallahDevelopment of Novel Sustainable Sanitation Systems in the UAE5000
48Mohamad AliNon Precious Materials as Counter Electrodes in DSSCs5000
49Mohamad Ali Abdelkareem Capacitive Deionization as an Effective Tool for Water Desalination4998.68
50Mohammad Ali AbdelkareemBio-Electrochemical System using Nitrogen Doped Graphene Oxide5000
51Mohammad Ali AbdelkareemEnhancement of the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cells5000
52Mohammad AlShabiUnmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicle for Transportation Purposes5000
53Mohammad AlShabiDesign and Implement FDM 3D Printer3991.42
54Mohammad AlShabiDesign and Implement a Wind Piezo Energy Harvester5000
55Mohammad AlShabi
Design and Implement a Submarine for Undersea Gas Inspection
56Mohammad Arab Using 3-D Printing Technology to Produce Model Geogrids for Laboratory Experiments5000
57Mohammad KamilImplementing and Investigating Stack Effects Phenomena5000
58Mohammad KamilDesign and Fabrication of Water Pumping System5000
59Mohammad SaadNon Precious Materials as Counter Electrodes in DSSCs5000
60Mohammad Talal BonnySmart Assistant for Blind People1,163.57
61Mohammad Zubair Investigation of Contamination in Food Products in UAE4,930.00
62Mohammad KamilDesign and Fabrication and Solar Updraft Tower Protype5,000.00
63Mona R HassunehImmunomodulatory Effects of Two Small Natural Molecules on Human In Vitro Grown Lymphocytes5,000.00
64Muhammad TawalbehDesign of Biodiesel Production Plant with Multi-Feedstock5000
65Muhammad TawalbehChemically Modified Activated Carbon for Water Treatments Applications Driven by Solar Photovoltaic
66Naser NawaysehDesigning and Building a Walking-like Exercise Machine for Seated People2985
67Naser NawaysehDesigning and Building a Bench Size Desalination Unit for Demo Purposes5000
68Naser NawaysehVibration Transmitted to the Hand-Arm System from Power tools: Effect of Misuse.5000
69Naser NawaysehDesigning and building a bench size desalination uni for demo purposes5000
70Natheer Hashi Al RawiMetabolic Profiling & Biomarkers Identification in Sliva among Shisha & Cigarette Smokers Using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy2661
71Naveed AhmedAssistive Technology for Autistic Children4125
72Naveed AhmedSocial Problems: An Interactive Virtual Reality Experience4000
73Naveed AhmedA Puzzle in Time: A Virtual Reality Game1800
74Qassim NasirSmart Vehicle Monitoring System5000
75Raouf FarehAutomated Plate Recognition Robotic System2001
76Saeed AbdallahTarget Tracking Drone1870
77Saeed AbdallahBrain Controlled Smart Home4400
78Shek Atiqure RahmanExperimental Investifation on the Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluid5000
79Shek Atiqure RahmanThermophysical properties of Nano fluids and its effect on hybrid evacuated tube solar collector with reflector5000
80Sohaib Majzoub Memristors in Security Applications2431
81Soliman MahmoudSmart Street Lightning System in Highways3329
82Soliman MahmoudReal-Time Zones Hazard Perception Using Haptic Feedback4859
83Sondos HarfilThe Correlation between Vitamin D and Metabolic Syndrome Components5000
84Syarif JunaidiDesign and Implementation of Bill Mill Machine

85Syarif JunaidiAlloy Design of Porous Al-Tic Composite: DOE Approach 5000
86Syarif JunaidiFormation of Amorphous FeCu Compound Through Mechanical Alloying5000
87Tahar LaouiCarbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization for Energy Conversion and Storage Application5000
88Tamer Farouk  RabieSmart Shoes2820.07
89Tareq SalamehCooling pv System Using Phase Change Material
90Tareq Samir Zaki SalamehDesign of a Portable Air Conditioning Device Suitable for Hot Climate and Desert Region

91Walid MetwallyFog Density Analysis using a Nuclear Radiation Gauge1500
92Walid MetwallyA Thermal Neutron Imaging System for Cultural Heritage Research1500
93Walid MetwallyDesign of a Multipurpose Back Scattering Gamma Gauge.1500
94Zafar SaidPerformance and Environmental Effects of Nanofluid Based PV/T System an Experimental and Numerical Approach

95Zafar Said
Efficiency Improvement of Solar PV/air Collectors by Using Mist Technique

Research Grants for the year - 2019-2020

Student's Project Supervisor
Title of Project Amount (AED)
1Abdelaziz ElgamouzMeso-Octamethylcalix(4) Pyrrole as Highly Selective Naked-eye and Fluorescent Sensor for Detection of Hg2+ ions in Water/Acetonitrile Interface5000
2Abdelaziz ElgamouzCinnamon Extract Stabilized Ag Clusters as Peroxidase Mimetics for Colorimetric Sensing of Xanthine5000
3Abdelaziz ElgamouzEffect of AgNPs Internal Solution on the Detection of Mecrury(II) by an Ion-selective Electrode Based on a Thiol Coordination from Cysteine as Ionophore5000
4Abdelaziz TliliClinical Exome Sequencing Identifies a New Rare Pathogenic Mutation in a UAE Patient with Deafness5000
5Abdul Ghani OlabiPlasmon Enhances Solar Desalination Using Nanoparticles5000
6Abdul Hai AlamiDesign of Air Propelled Light Vehicle5000
7Abdul Hai AlamiHybrid Electrical Storage System for RC Airplanes5000
8Abdul Hai AlamiMicro-Photovoltaic Rover5000
9Abrar InayatSustainable Irrigation System Via Biomass Anaerobic Digestion System5000
10Abrar InayatHydrogen Production from Wastes5000
11Ahmed M. AlmehdiGlucose Concentration Sensing Using Phenyl Boric Acid Gold Nanoparticles5000
12Ali Bou NassifWheelchair for People of Determination Using EEG5000
13Ayssar NahleUAE Capparis Spinosa Seeds Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCI Solution5000
14Ayssar NahleUAE Zygophyllum qatarense Seeds Extract as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCl Solution5000
15Chaouki GhenaiDesign of a CubeSat's Power System5000
16Chaouki GhenaiSolar Thermal (PTC) Biomass Pyrolysis Reactor for Biofuel Production5000
17Ghazi Al KhateebModification of Asphalt Binders Using Activated Rubber4750
18Hassen Hadj KacemMolecular Genetics of Central Precocious Puberty (CPP) and Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism (HH)5000
19Ideisan I. Abu -AbdounPhotosensitization of Cationic Polymerization in Presence of Hair5000
20Ideisan I. Abu -AbdounPhotoinitated Polymerization by PhenacyIImidazolium Salts5000
21Ismail SaadounDegradation of Phenol by Selected Bacterial spp. as Assessed by Spectrophotometric Analysis5000
22Ismail SaadounAssessment of different reagents in DNA recovery from glass and plastic surfaces for forensic purposes5000
23Khalid BajouRegenerative and Protective Effects of Natural Plant Extracts on Human Skin Cells5000
24Kamrul HasanDeveloping magnetic Cu(1) catalyst supported with diphenylphosphinobenzaldehyde and investigation toward A3coupling5000
25Kamrul HasanInvestigating catalytic activity of silica supported calix[4] pyrrole based Pd catalyst for Heck coupling5000
26Kamrul HasanDeveloping Magnetic Fe3O4 Supported Fe(III)/(II)[2,6-bis(benzothiozyl-2) pyridine] Catalyst for Cross-coupling Reactions5000
27Kareem Aly MosaEvaluation of different methods for cryopreservation of shoot tips and callus culture of the medicinal plant Citrullus Colocynthis5000
28Kareem Aly MosaCallus Induction and In Vitro Production of Bioactive Compounds from Citrullus Colocynthis (Cucurbitaceae)5000
29Kareem Aly MosaEffect of Nickel Nanoparticles on the Growth and Development of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) Plants5000
30Khalid BajouAnti-tumor Effect of Cinnamon Nanoparticles on Human Breast Cancer5000
31Khalid BajouExpression, Purification and Function Analysis of 14K Prolactin Fragment of Growth Hormone5000
32Mahamed El-NaggarSynthesis of New Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide Derivatives with Potential Antituberculosis Activity5000
33Mahmoud MohsinRecycling of Waste Plastics to Produce Microfiber for Oil Spill Recovery5000
34Mamdouh El Haj AsaadHybrid Solar Photovoltaics and Methanol Thermochemical System5000
35Mohammad AliEnhancing the Parabolic Trough Collector Performance Using Nano fluids and Internal Fins5000
36Mohammad AliFuel Cell Application in Aviation.4,970
37Mohammad AlshabiHybrid Drone5000
38Mohammad AlshabiEmergency Drone5000
39Mohammad AlshabiThe Design And Implementation of a Plane that Delivers Medicals Supplies5000
40Mohammad AlshabiA Drone Based Automated Radiation Surveillance System5000
41Mohammad AlshabiUnmanned Aerial Ground Vehicle(UAGV)5000
42Mohammed KamilEnvironmental and Energy Application of Paper Waste5000
43Mounir KaidiFabrication of Silicone Nanowires/Graphene Nano-composites for Sensing Applications5000
44Muhammad Nasir KhanAnticancer Activities of Swertia Marginata in MBA-MD-231 cells5000
45Muhammad TawalbehNovel Nano-composite Membrane Temperature for PEMFC Applications4,928
46Muhammad TawalbehNatural and Modified Clay for Water Treatment Applications Driven by Solar Photovoltaic5000
47Muhammad TawalbehCO2 Capture and Biofuel Production using Saltwater Algae4,970
48Naveed AhmedYAM: An Interactive Virtual Reality Experience4000
49Shek Atiqure RahmanThermophysical Properties of Nanofluids and Its Effect on Hybrid Evacuated Tube Solar Collector with Reflector5000
50Sohaib MajzoubPlasma Based Random Bit Generator for Encryption and Security Purposes 2,960
51Tahar LaouiCarbon Nanotubes as Cooling Agent in Heat Exchangers5000
52Wael Abdel-Rahman HassanInsights into the Mechanism of Cyctotoxic effect of MPT-0B014 in Colon Cancer Cells5000
53Walid MetwallyExperimental Verification of a Gamma Radiogauge to Detect Water Level in Ballast Tanks in Oil Platforms1500
54Walid MetwallyDesign of a Gamma Radiogauge to Detect Water Level in Ballast Tanks in Oil Platforms4000

Research Grants for the year - 2020-2021

Student's Project Supervisor
Title of Project 
Amount (AED)
1Abdelaziz TliliIdentification of the Mutation Responsible for G6PD Deficiency in a UAE Family5000
2Ayssar NahleUAE Cyperus Conglomeratus Seeds Extracts as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCL Solution5000
3Di ZhangDesign and Fabrication of Large-area 3rd Generation Solar PV Device Prototyape5000
4Khalid BajouThe Effect of Selected Peptides on Thrombosis5000
5Kareem Aly MosaComparative Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in the UAE Desert Plant Salsola Drummondii under Heat Stress5000
6Khalil A. KhalilAdvanced Footstep Power Generator Mechanism5000
7Khalil A. KhalilSuper Capacitor for CDI Water Desalination5000
8Mohammed KamilUltrasound Hydrogen Generator5000
9Muhammad TawalbehCeramic Membrane Distillation for Seawater Desalination Powered by Solar Energy5000
10Muhammad TawalbehA Hybrid Photovoltaic/Solar Chimney Seawater Desilination Plant5000
11Naser NawaysehBiodynamic Responses of the Human Body to Whole Body Vibrations in Seated Positions1133