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Seed Research Grants

Research Grants for the year - 2014-2015

Department Amount
1Chaouki GhenaiIntegration of Solar Energy with Fast Pyrolysis Reactor to Convert Plastic Waste to Bio-OilEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy20,00018 months
2Ahmed Amine Hachicha                      Design, test and modelling of  direct steam generation process using parabolic trough solar collector EngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy20,00018 months
3 Senthil kumarA Study on the industry readiness and adoption strategies for Building Information Modeling (BIM) in UAE's Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) IndustryEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering
18,00024 months
4Waleed Zeiadadevelopment of Weather, Soil, Traffic Database for the Implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design in SharjahEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering20,00024 months
5Victor GilletteEvaluation of Radiation Damage Effects on Thermodynamic properties using Molecular DynamicsEngineeringNuclear Engineering20,00024 months
6Abdelaziz TliliGenetic Mutations of GJB2 and Mitochondrial 12SrRNA in NonSyndromic Hearing Loss in UAESciencesApplied Biology20,00012 months
7Gehad Kandeel SadiekInvestigation of Quantum Phase Transition in Heisnberg Spin Systems Using Finite Size ScaleSciencesApplied Physics20,00018 months
8Hachemi BenaoumPredictions of a Class of Neutrino Textures SciencesApplied Physics20,00012 months
9Kais DaoudiStudy and Fabrication of Functional Oxides thin FilmsSciencesApplied Physics20,00012 months
10Ahmed  Ali MohamedSynthesis of God  Diazonium Complexes for Electrochemical Reductive GraftingSciencesChemistry20,00012 months
11Moussa LebloubaInvestigation on the behavior and performance and of wire rope isolatorsEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering20,00024 months
Zaid A. Al-SadoonSeismic Vulnerability Assessment of UAE Low Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Suggested Retrofitting Methods  EngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering40,00024 months
Khalid Mustafa Sa'd RamadanModeling and Computations of Micro-scale Convective Heat Transfer in Internal and external Rarefied Gas Flows.EngineeringMechanical Engineering25,00024 months
Khalil Abdelrazek Khalil AbdelmawgoudCapacitive Deionization Seawater Desalination Units, a New Design by using NanotechnologyEngineeringMechanical Engineering39,32012 months
Mohammad Talal Bonny Highly Efficient FPGA-Based Sequence Alignment Techniques for BioinformaticsEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 20,00024 months
Tamer Farouk Rabie Active Vision Humanoid Robot Navigation & ControlEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 20,00024 months
Walid Metwally Design of a Dual Gauge Assembly for Landmine Detection
EngineeringNuclear Engineering20,000
24 months
​Hussain Alawadhi  
​Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Oxides/Hydroxides Nanoparticles by Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis for Super Capacitors Applications
​Applied Physics
​24 months

Research Grants for the year - 2015-2016

Muamer Ali M Abuzwidah                                   Evaluation of the Roads and Parking Design to Improve Traffic Safety and Operation in the University City of SharjahEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering40,00024 months
Muhammad Talha JunaidInvestigation on the Performance of Geopolymer Concrete (GPC) reinforced with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP)EngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering39,00024 months
Ali Bou NassifDecision Tree Models for Software Development Effort EstimationEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 40,00012 months
Khawla AlnajjarMassive MIMO transceiver design EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 25,00024 months
Mohammad Ahmad Qasim AlShabi                  Unmanned Air Vehicle (Quad/Hexa-copter) for civilian succor purposesEngineeringMechanical Engineering40,00024 months
Syarif Junaid                                                     Influence of Multiple Carbides on Nucleation and Grain Growth of Austenitic Grain in a Martensitic Stainless Steel: Enhancing Grain Refinement to Submicron LevelEngineeringMechanical Engineering40,00024 months
Mohamed Ezz Shawkat                                       Pressure Wave Propagation in Nuclear Reactor Core Following Fuel Clad FailureEngineeringNuclear Engineering40,00019 months
Muhammad Zubair Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Common Cause Failures and Uncertainty Reduction Using Multi-Variate Reliability ModelsEngineeringNuclear Engineering36,00018 months
Abrar Inayat                                                    Energy efficient and cost effective hydrogen production process development form date pits via steam gasificationEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00018 months
Di ZhangLow-cost photovoltaic dye-sensitized solar cells using flexible transparent graphene electrodes and natural dyesEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00012 months
Mohammad Ali AbdelkareemDevelopment of urea fuel cell for simultaneous wastewater treatment and electricity generationEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00012 months
Hassen Haj KacemMolecular genetics of Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY)SciencesApplied Biology40,00024 months
Muhammad AzeemConstruction and implementation of thermal evaporation system for novel materials fabricationSciencesApplied Physics35,00012 months
Abdelaziz ElgamouzClay the forgotten material: re-discovering and valorization of local clays from the UAESciencesChemistry37,00024 months
Kamrul HassanDesign and development of environmentally benign catalysts for the asymmetrictransfer hydrogenation of KetonsSciencesChemistry40,00018 months
Mahmoud Benkhelifa                                                  On the group of homotopy classes of self-homotopy equivalences of certain topological spacesSciencesMathematics11,00012 months
Samir Brahim BelhaouariAdvance Mathematical model for features Encoding and Classification of DNA/ Protien in BioinformaticsSciencesMathematics28,00024 months
Zahid RazaOn topological Indices Of Certain NanostructuresSciencesMathematics40,00012 months
Amer Mohammad Yusuf An Advanced Control and Modulation Method For Future Smart Grid Energy Conversion SystemsEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 40,00024 months
Sohaib MajzoubEpileptic Seizure Detection Algorithm Implementation on FPGAEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 40,00022 months
Khalid BajouThe effect of air pollution on metastatic progression in a murine metastatic model SciencesApplied Biology40,00012 months
Mohammed Kamil Mohammed                    Simulation and Optimization of Heat Exchangers for Air Conditioning Applications EngineeringMechanical Engineering25,00024 months
Iasef Md RianGeometry-Based Passive Design and Computational Morphogenesis of Building Skins in a Hot Climate with Particular Reference to Sharjah, UAEEngineeringArchitectural Engineering40,00012 months
Moussa Benoumhani On the modes of log-concave sequenceSciencesMathematics22,00024 months
Ali Abed EL Kareem TaaniProbing the Accretio Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs in the Binary Milliisecond Pulsars PopulationSciencesApplied Physics
33,00012 months

Research Grants for the year - 2016-2017

College Department Amount
1Bashria A. A. YousefThermal Performance and Economic Aspect for Nano Fluid Based Direct Absorption Solar CollectorEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00020 months
2Bassam A. KhuwailehNeutronics and Thermal-Hydraulics Models Validation via Uncertainty Propagation and Parameter Space AnalysisEngineeringNuclear Engineering22,00024 months
3Djedjiga MouhebDetection and Characterization of CyberbullyingSciencesComputer Science30,00024 months
4In-Ju Kim                        Identifying Pedestrian Fall Incidence and Its Safety and Health Impacts in the United Arab Emirate: A Pilot studyEngineeringIndustrial Engineering and Engineering Management40,00024 months
5Mamdouh El Haj AssadPerformance Enhancement of a Evaporative Cooling Using Different NanofluidsEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00023 months
6Mohamed AbdallahAssessment of Waste to Energy Technologies of Municipal Solid Waste Management in the United Arab EmiratesEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering32,00012 months
7Mohammad Affan BadarImproving Health Care Systems in UAE using Lean Manufacturing and Simulation Modeling TechniquesEngineeringIndustrial Engineering and Engineering Management40,00024 months
8Muhammad Mubasshir ShaikhValidation of Earth's Topside Ionospheric ModellingSciencesApplied Physics31,00012 months
9Muhammad Nasir KhanPhytochemical profiling and therapeutic potintial of Medicinal plants for cancer preventionSciencesApplied Biology29,00012 months
10Muhammad Radwan TawalbehDevelopment of novel composite membranes to be used in direct hydrocarbon fuel cellsEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00024 months
11Oleg OlendskiInfluence of the boundary conditions on quantum-information measures and thermodynamic properties of low-dimensional nanostructuresSciencesApplied Physics40,00012 months
12Rachik SoualahSearch for the Standard Model prodection of four top quark production in single lepton and jets events using Buckets method in proton - proton collisions at Run2 data with the ATLAS detectorSciencesApplied Physics35,00014 months
13Salah Haridy Gad HaridyDesign of an Effective wEWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Manufacturing
and Service Industries
EngineeringIndustrial Engineering and Engineering Management24,00024 months
14Sohail AbbasSybil Attack Detection in Internet of Things Environment using Machine LearningSciencesComputer Science20,00024 months
15yassir Ahmed AbduInvestigation of Nano diamonds in meteorites by Raman and IR spectroscopySciencesApplied Physics40,00017 months
16Zafar SaidStability and thermophysical properties of hybrid nanofluids for heat transfer enhancement and energy efficiency EngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00021 months
17Mariam El Rachidi
Mechanism development and computational kinetics of methylcyclopentane oxidationSciences
Chemistry40,00012 months

Research Grants for the year - 2017-2018

Department Amount
1Abdullah Gokhan YilmazEstimation of Future Rainfall and Temperature in Sharjah City under
Effect of Climate Change
EngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering34,00016 months
2Ghazi Gaseem Al-KhateebProducing sustainable modified asphalt Binders using dates seeds fillerEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering40,00018 months
3Mostafa ZahriNumerical Modeling and Simulation of Symmetric Diffusion.SciencesMathematics11,00012 months
4Donny HartantoImpact of Cooling Time on the Fuel Recycling of the Self-Sustainable of Breed-and-Burn Fast ReactorEngineeringNuclear Engineering27,00024 months
5Hafsa KhurshidDesign and Development of Novel Multilayered Magnetic Nanorods Using Electrochemical Deposition TechniqueSciencesApplied Physics39,00024 months
6Imad AfyouniEnriching Physical Rehabilitation with Adaptive Serious GamesSciencesComputer Science37,00024 months
7Mohamed Gamal Elsayed Ali ArabUsing Sodium Alginate Biopolymer as Soil Reinforcement TechniqueEngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering40,00024 months
8Eqab Rateb Almajali
Development of Low-Profile High-Gain Planar Holographic Antrnnas for 5G Wireless Applications.
EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 40,00024 months

Research Grants for the year - 2018-2019

College Department Amount
1Abdul Ghani OlabiOptimization of the Cultivating and Dewatering Processes of MicroalgaeEngineeringSustainable and Renewable Energy40,00024 months
2Mahreen AroojComputational Studies for the Characterization of Aryl/Heterocyclic Sulfonyl Ureas for Treatment of Diabetics.SciencesChemistry40,00018 months
3Reyhan SabriInvestigating the Potential of Digital Applications within Heritage Management Context of SharjahEngineeringArchitectural Engineering40,00012 months 
4Dorid DalalahShortage and Spoilage Optimization of Red Blood cell's  Inventory  at Blood Banks.EngineeringIndustrial Engineering and Engineering Management25,00015 months
5Muataz Ali AtiehWater Desalination Driven by Microwave Heating SourceEngineeringMechanical Engineering40,00023 months
6Nouar TabetDevelopment of a Baseline for the Fabrication of Perovskite Solar CellSciencesApplied Physics40,00018 months
7Ramesh BansalOptimal Load Frequency Control of a Microgrid SystemEngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering 36,00024 months
8Antonios ManousaldsInsight into High Mass X- ray Binaries in the Small Magellan Cloud using VIMOS/VLT.SciencesApplied Physics40,00018 months
9Abdullah Al MuteryStudy the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms(SNPs) of CYP3A5 within Healthy Emirati PopulationSciencesapplied biology40,00024 months
10Hamdan Ali HamdanDevelopment of MASW Dual Streamer Technique for Improved Data AcquisitionSciencesApplied Physics40,00018 months
11 Raed Abdallah Al QawasmehDesign and Synthesis of Novel Tricyclic Imidazo-oxa (thia )zine Heterocyclic SystemSciencesChemistry40,00018 months
12Tahar LaouiDevelopment of Ceramic Membranes for Wastewater Treatment ApplicationEngineeringMechanical Engineering40,00024 months

Research Grants for the year - 2019-2020

Department AmountDuration 
Abbas Elmualim                                                           Post-Occupancy Evaluation Of Sustainable Facilities Management In The UAE: Energy Analytics And Occupants' Behavior.EngineeringArchitectural Engineering                       40,000 24 Months 
Ahmed Al-ShammaModel The Correlation Between The Properties Of The Artery And The Blood Pressure Level.EngineeringElectrical  Engineering                        40,000 24 months
Daniel MoraetisModel The Correlation Between The Properties Of The Artery And The Blood Pressure Level.Engineering Geochemistry                       40,000 24 Months