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Research Facilities

Research at RISE is carried out by interdisciplinary research teams organized in research centers of excellence and research groups.  To enable researchers do pioneering and high-quality research, RISE continues to establish state-of-the-art research laboratories and facilities in par with the best facilities around the world. RISE research facilities will be housed in the new Research Building (M1A), which includes 17 laboratories, office space and meeting rooms. The following is a list of the current facilities, with additional expansion planned as RISE researchers move soon into the new research building (M-1A).

Research Laboratories & Workshops

1.  Advanced Materials Research Laboratory
2. Transportation and Pavement Research Laboratory
3. Electrical and Electronics Workshop
4. Mechanical Workshop
5. Renewable Energy Research Laboratory
6. Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing Center
7. Functional Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory
8. High Performance Computing Facility
​9. Environmental Analytical Laboratory

Additional Equipment with Groups

​​1. Human Genetics & Stem Cells
​​2. Autonomous Robotics and Active Vision
​3. Environmental and Chemical Biology
​4. Mixed Analog-Digital Smart Electronic Circuits and Systems
​5. Sustainable Construction Materials and Structural Systems
​​6. Sustainable Engineering Asset Management