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Blockchain Information Security Assurance Framework for Smart Government

Student: Ahmed Alketbi

Degree (Masters, PhD): PhD (Engineering Management)

Grant Source: UoS & DESC

Target Customer : DESC and Smart Dubai Government (SDG)

Completion Year: Spring 2016/2017-present

A brief description of the thesis (abstract):
Blockchain promises to overcome some security challenges such as data integrity and trust, but it also introduces new security challenges that should be investigated and tackled. To the best of our knowledge, there are limited number of research studies focused on Blockchain security. This proposal is motivated by the lack of Blockchain security research, absence of security reference model or framework, and the absence of blockchain security assurance guidelines. Hence, the aim of this research is studying the Blockchain technology and investigating the possible ways in which blockchain can support Dubai government services with improving information protection and privacy. In addition, the aim of this research is exploring and analyzing the security threats and the risks associated with the use of Blockchain. As a result, this research propose a framework and introduce guidelines to overcome these challenges to have resilient and trusted services.

These research objectives are severing several stakeholders such as Dubai government entities that will be embracing Blockchain to deliver their smart services, and Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) that has the mandate to enforce information security regulations, in which they need to ensure Blockchain scope is covered by the Dubai Information Security Regulation (ISR), and the audit accordingly. The customers of services running on top of Blockchain, and technology vendors are also stakeholders in this research study. In summary,  the contributions of this thesis proposal will be the design of Blockchain reference model, and development of information security management assurance guidelines and security recommendations.