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Blockchain Performance Evaluation

List of Members (starting from Principal Investigator): 

  • Dr. Qassim Nasir 
  • Dr. Manar Abu Talib

Grant Source: UoS & Emirates NBD

Target Customer : Emirates NBD

Duration (start and end date): 2016-present

A brief description of the project (abstract):

Blockchain is a key technology that has the potential to decentralize the way we store, share, and manage information and data. This technology was first introduced as the backbone of bitcoin. However, a lot of blockchain platforms were created, as a result blockchain is now used as the underlying technology for many applications in finance, supply chain, security and Internet of Things (IoT). One of the recent blockchain platforms is hyperledger fabric, an open source, permissioned blockchain that was introduced by IBM. Although there are many blockchain platforms, there is no clear methodology to evaluate and assess the different blockchain platforms. In this paper, we will conduct a performance analysis of two versions of the opens source platform hyperledger fabric, V0.6 and V1.0, to assess the performance of these platforms in terms of execution time, latency and throughput.