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Open Source for Education

List of Members (starting from Principal Investigator): 

  • Dr. Manar Abu Talib
  • Dr. Qassim Nasir
  • Prof Madjid Merabti
  • Fatima AlShamsi

Grant Source: UoS

Amount: 65,000 AED

Target Customer : Ministry of Education

Duration (start and end date): 2017-present

A brief description of the project (abstract):
Computational studies have an impact on fields like biology, chemistry, linguistics, psychology, economics and statistics. They develop skills such as problem solving and systems design, and improve understanding about the power and limits of human and machine intelligence.

The Global Science Forum emphasizes on collecting accurate and unbiased information as important strategy to increase the attractiveness of Science and Technology studies and careers. Such information should not only be shared with students but also to the education community and parents. Moreover, the Global Science Forum indicates that the curricula should be redesigned to provide more attractive and relevant content, especially in secondary-level education. Teaching should also be more innovative, relying less on information retention. To the best of our knowledge, there has been no research into computing curricula in high schools in the UAE. In this research study, we will study in depth the current computing curricula in high schools in both sectors: private and public in the country. We will propose a complete roadmap towards more innovative computing curricula.