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Main Research Areas:

  • Transient analysis of APR1400 using nodal core simulator.
  • Radiation protection and shielding by using MCNP software.
  • Reactor Safety and Reliability Analysis by using Risk Spectrum and GPWR software.
  • Radiation dispersion modelling and simulation.
  • Molecular Dynamics of FeCrAl alloy.
  • Uncertainty/sensitivity and model calibration, experimental validation and model verification.
  • Computational reactor physics and thermal-hydraulics, surrogate modeling and complexity reduction.

Research Projects:

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) coordinated research project # 131033. "Surrogate/Bayesian-Based analysis for severe accident scenarios in APR 1400 design". 2020-2024. (Dr. Bassam as PI)
  • "Neutronics and Thermal-Hydraulics Models Validation via Uncertainty Propagation and Parameter Space Analysis" (Dr. Bassam as PI)
  • "Developing a Toolkit for Uncertainty, Sensitivity, Model Calibration and Validation for Nuclear Engineering Applications" (Dr. Bassam as PI)
  • Optimizing the Design of Nuclear Fuel Assembly Mixing Vanes using CFD Analysis. (Dr. Bassam as PI)
  • Conceptual Core Design of Advanced Lead-cooled Modular Nuclear Reactor (ALMANAR). (Dr. Donny as PI)
  • Reliability Evaluation of Reactor Protection System (RPS) Considering Different Failure Modes. (Dr. Zubair as PI)