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Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

The ML&ALP research group is dedicated to improving the current state of the Arabic language electronic usage. Our primary mission is to conduct high quality basic and applied research aimed at generating knowledge, information, and tools necessary for producing intelligent Arabic language solutions. The group is also committed to providing education and training to young scientists, researchers, and students who will perpetuate and extend the Arabic research frontier.

Goals & Objectives

ML&ALP research group aims to achieving the following:

  • Enrich the Arabic language datasets or corpora for written and spoken forms. Constructing such corpora involves collection, cleaning, and analysis prior to posting on the web.

  • Use machine learning algorithms and tools to develop Arabic language-based solutions such as sentiment analysis, speech recognition, document/information retrieval and analysis.

  • Customize solutions to serve the local community in UAE while aligning with the smart government concept such as measuring general sentiment of newly offered services and policies. Similarly, such solution can be customized to local businesses for analyzing customers' reviews of products or services.     
  • Raise awareness of the importance of the Arabic computing field and complement the efforts and initiatives established to serve the Arabic Language.

  • ​Train young researchers and attract graduate students to work in this fascinating field.