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Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Some Evolutionary Phenomena (MASE) Research Group is aimed to provide an umbrella for infrastructure research in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Sharjah. Many fundamental phenomena can be described by evolutionary equations such as partial differential equations deterministic or stochastic models
The main topics of the research group will be:  mathematical models of such evolutionary phenomena linear and nonlinear cases Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Some Evolutionary Phenomena focuses on the analytical theory of such equations (existence, uniqueness, qualitative behavior) and on the development and implementation of some new algorithms and their numerical analysis. Computational Mathematical Chemistry, coding theory of finite rings and groups. Recent tools in the functional analysis as well as in numerical analysis will be used to have the existence, uniqueness of the solutions (if any) and the validation by implementing new algorithms will be utilized.
The group pursues innovative, cost effective, socially aware and environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions, including basic and applied research related to: planning, sustainable materials, design, retrofitting, analysis, performance, monitoring, maintenance, and risk management.  Both fundamental and applied research is synergistically conducted in various facets of civil infrastructure systems.