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Efficient Quantum Image Classification Using Single Qubit Encoding
​IEEE Tran​sactions o​n Neural Networks and Learning Systems; 2022; Easom-McCaldin, P.| Bouridane, A.| Belatreche, A.| Jiang, R.| Al-Maadeed, S.
Robust Brain Age Estimation Based on sMRI via Nonlinear Age-Adaptive Ensemble Learning
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On Detecting Route Hijacking Attack in Opportunistic Mobile Networks
IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing; 2022; Altaweel, A.| Stoleru, R.| Gu, G.| Maity, A.K.| Bhunia, S.
Private Facial Prediagnosis as an Edge Service for Parkinson's DBS Treatment Valuation
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics; 2022; Jiang, R.| Chazot, P.| Pavese, N.| Crookes, D.| Bouridane, A.| Celebi, M.E.
RSock: A resilient routing protocol for mobile Fog/Edge networks
Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks; 2022; Altaweel, A.| Yang, C.| Stoleru, R.| Bhunia, S.| Sagor, M.| Maurice, M.| Blalock, R.
Polynomial fitting: enhancing the stego quality of DCT-based Steganography schemes
Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications; 2022; Baziyad, M.| Rabie, T.| Kamel, I.| Benkhelifa, M.
NodeRank: Finding influential nodes in social networks based on interests
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Robust and Fair Undersea Target Detection with Automated Underwater Vehicles for Biodiversity Data Collection
MDPI Remote Sensing; 2022; Dinakaran, R.| Zhang, L.| Li, C.-T.| Bouridane, A.| Jiang, R.
Sobel Potential Field: Addressing Responsive Demands for UAV Path Planning Techniques
MDPI Drones; 2022; Fareh, R.| Baziyad, M.| Rabie, T.| Kamel, I.| Bettayeb, M.
Computer Vision-Based Kidney's (HK-2) Damaged Cells Classification with Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator (FPGA)
MDPI Electronics (Switzerland); 2022; Ghani, A.| Hodeify, R.| See, C.H.| Keates, S.| Lee, D.-J.| Bouridane, A.
WSNet – Convolutional Neural Networkbased Word Spotting for Arabic and English Handwritten Documents
UIKTEN - Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science TEM Journal; 2022; Mohammed, H.H.| Subramanian, N.| Al-Maadeed, S.| Bouridane, A.