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Our Team

The center will be directed by Prof. Ibrahim Kamel who have wide experience in Information security and graduated several M.Sc. students in this area. The center will capitalize on the skilled faculty and staff members working at the college of Engineering.

Prof. Kamel has established collaboration with Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) organization in Malaysia. CSIRTs  are organizations dedicated in providing support in responding to computer security incidents. In many countries, CERTs or CSIRTs is recognized as a trusted intermediary in coordinating responses among various parties, including ISPs, law enforcement agencies and international incident response teams.  

Prof. Kamel is also collaborating with software security group at CIISE, Concordia University in Canada. Prof. Ibrahim Kamel is a member of a task force for establishing a security organization OIC-CERT under the umbrella of the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC). The purpose of OIC-CERT is to encourage and support the smooth collaboration and cooperation between different computer security organizations in different OIC members. The objective of the organization is to promote collaborative on research, development, and outreach activities. 

Ibrahim Kamel.jpgProf. Ibrahim Kamel (Coordinator)
Ph.D. in Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park, USA, 1994

Prof. Ibrahim Kamel received Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park, USA in 1994, and B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from University of Alexandria, Egypt in 1984. Currently, Prof. Kamel is a Full Professor and the Director of the Institute of Leadership in Higher Education at University of Sharjah, UAE. He also holds an adjunct professor position at Concordia University, Canada. Before that, Prof. Kamel was a Lead Scientist at Panasonic Research Laboratory in Princeton, NJ, USA where he was managing several research projects, information security, multimedia information retrieval, and smart appliances. Prof. Kamel taught also at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.

Prof. Kamel has 23 US patents in information storage and retrieval. He published more than 130 papers in international journals and conferences. He co-chaired several international conferences and workshops in information retrieval and databases. Prof. Kamel is serving as an associate editor for several international journals. He also participated in many technical program committees. He served in several National Science Foundation (NSF) review and panel committees. Prof. Kamel is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He served in the advisory committee for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Miami, USA and the Center for Advanced Information Processing (CAIP), Rutgers University, USA. His research interest includes databases, information security, social network, big data, and multimedia retrieval.

Dean.jpgProf. Madjid Merabti
(Dean of the College of Sciences)
Ph.D, Lancaster University, UK

Madjid Merabti is Professor of Networked and Security Systems and Dean of the College of Sciences, University of Sharjah, UAE.  He was Director of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, UK. He was also Director of a Research Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (PROTECT, addressing the challenges of innovating, building and managing new critical infrastructure systems for the 21st century that are both resilient to unpredicted changes and secure against external attacks.

He is a graduate of Lancaster University in the UK. He has over 25 years' experience in conducting research and teaching in the areas of Computer Networks (fixed and wireless), Computer Network Security, Digital Forensics, Multimedia, Games Technology, and their applications. Professor Merabti is widely published with over 200 publications in these areas and leads a number of EU, UK, and industry-supported research projects.  He has graduated 35 PhD students in the course of his work.
He is a frequent Keynote Speaker at major International Conferences in his research areas. 
He holds a number of Journal Editorships including: IEEE Communications Magazine series on Networked Appliances and Home Networking, Elsevier Computer Communications Journal, Wiley Journal of Security and Communication Networks, Springer Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications Journal. He is the initiator and chair of the UK Annual Postgraduate Research Conference Series on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking, and Broadcasting.  The series, celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, is held in Liverpool ( ) is aimed at training UK PhD students in these areas.  He is also on the steering committee for the IEEE CCNC Conference series and a member of various IEEE Conference TPCs.

Zaher.jpgProf. Zaher Al Aghbari
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Kyushu University, Japan, 2001

Zaher Al Aghbari is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science at University of Sharjah, UAE.  He received his B.Sc degree from the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, USA, in  1987, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from  Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1998 and 2001, respectively.  He worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Intelligent Systems, Kyushu University, Japan, from 2001 to 2003.  Since 2003 he has been with the Department of Computer Science, University of Sharjah, UAE.  He was the Head of the Department of Computer Science from 2008 to 2012.  Currently, he is a Professor of databases and data mining in the Department of Computer Science, College of Sciences, University of Sharjah.  He published in reputable international journals and conferences such as JDPD, ESWA, DKE, IJDAR, JIIS, IJPEDS, IJNSM, VCIR, IDA, IJIS, IJBDI, ICIP, ICME. 

His research interests include data mining, multidimensional indexing, multimedia databases, distributed indexing, and Arabic handwritten text retrieval. Recently, Prof. Zaher has been working on data streams management, social networks analysis, wireless sensor network data mining.  He has been a member of the organizing committee or technical program committee of several international conferences.  Prof. Zaher is an editorial board member of several international journals.

Tamer_Farouk_Rabie_.jpgDr. Tamer Rabi
Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Toronto, Canada, 1999
(Autonomous Robotics & Active Vision)
Click here to view CV

DjedjigaMouheb.pngDr. Djedjiga Mouheb
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2013

(Cyber security, software fingerprinting, malware analysis, secure software and systems engineering)
Click here to view CV

Ayesha Muhammad Talha
Research Assistant
M.Sc. in Computer Science
University of Sharjah, UAE, 2012