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  • Background

The geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) center seeks to acquire a respectful status within the UAE and Gulf region as a credible research center specialized in GIS and RS fields. The center aims at establishing a geospatially-centered research environment and providing world-class knowledge and expertise for multi-disciplinary research in Science and Engineering, Computer, Environmental, Social and Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development, as well as Information and Data Management Technologies. The center's research map involves a variety of activities such as education, research, community services, development, data gathering- analysis, training, and consulting.

  • Goals & Objectives

The objectives of the GIS and RS center are to:

1- Contribute to the research fields in GIS and remote sensing, which may include, but not limited to, the utilization of state of the art technologies to acquire and establish geospatial database, the application and development of novel artificial intelligence approaches to support various earth-related studies.

2- Serve UAE's community by collaborating with different regional and national agencies to support the decision-making process for sustainable development.

3-Support academic activities in the University of Sharjah for various programs that include the master of GIS and Remote sensing  as well as the undergraduate programs in civil and environmental engineering, and bachelor of science in petroleum geosciences and remote sensing

  • History

The GIS and Remote sensing center was established in 2017. It has been supporting different programs offered by the University of Sharjah, including civil and environmental engineering, petroleum geology and remote sensing, and the master of GIS and Remote sensing. The center has been equipped with the latest equipment and qualified human resources. It has hosted several graduate and undergraduate students and demonstrated a high level of research activities. Moreover, the It has been maintaining connections and collaboration with different industrial and educational bodies in the UAE.