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Mitigating the Backdoor Attack by Federated Filters for Industrial IoT Applications
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics​; 2022; Hou, B.| Gao, J.| Guo, X.| Baker, T.| Zhang, Y.| Wen, Y.| Liu, Z.
Secure Partial Aggregation: Making Federated Learning More Robust for Industry 4.0 Applications
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Deep Fusion: Crafting Transferable Adversarial Examples and Improving Robustness of Industrial Artificial Intelligence of Things
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Efficient Quantum Image Classification Using Single Qubit Encoding
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Robust Brain Age Estimation Based on sMRI via Nonlinear Age-Adaptive Ensemble Learning
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LbSP: Load-Balanced Secure and Private Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging Framework With Online Price Optimization
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Location Recommendation Based on Mobility Graph With Individual and Group Influences
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Latency-Energy Tradeoff in Connected Autonomous Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Scheme
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On Detecting Route Hijacking Attack in Opportunistic Mobile Networks
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Private Facial Prediagnosis as an Edge Service for Parkinson's DBS Treatment Valuation​
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Smart fusion​ of sensor data and human feedback for personalized energy-saving recommendations
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An efficient deep reinforcement machine learning-based control reverse osmosis system for water desalination
Elsevier Desalination; 2022; Bonny, T.| Kashkash, M.| Ahmed, F.
Techno-economic assessment of building energy efficiency systems using behavioral change: A case study of an edge-based micro-moments solution
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Interactive visual study for residential energy consumption data
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Novel dual-channel long short-term memory compressed capsule networks for emotion recognition
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SEEDGT: Secure and energy efficient data gathering technique for IoT applications based WSNs
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Deepluenza: Deep learning for influenza detection from Twitter
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Emotional speaker identification using a novel capsule nets model
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Network Coding-based Resilient Routing for Maintaining Data Security and Availability in Software-Defined Networks
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Privacy-Preserving and Traceable Federated Learning for data sharing in industrial IoT applications
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Blockchain multi-objective optimization approach-enabled secure and cost-efficient scheduling for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in fog-cloud system
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Deep-Eware: spatio-temporal social event detection using a hybrid learning model
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Highly optimized Q-learning-based bees approach for mobile robot path planning in static and dynamic environments
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Automatic mapping of configuration options in software using static analysis
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FACS: Fairness aware clustering scheme for monitoring applications of internet of things based wireless sensor networks
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Hybrid quantum-classical convolutional neural network model for COVID-19 prediction using chest X-ray images
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