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Our Team

P​rof. Ahmed Bouridane​

Director​ of the Cybersecurity and Data Analytics Center (CDAC), Group Executive Committee, Professor at the Computer Engineering Department


Tel: +(9​71) 6 505 0507

Eng. Mohammed Al-Haidary

CDAC's Lab Engineer

Dr. Abbes Amira

Coordinator of Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC) research group, Professor and Dean of the Computing and Informatics College


Tel: +(971) 6 505 0525

Prof. Ashraf​ Alnagar

Coordinator of Machine Learning and Arabic Language Processing (MLALP) research group, Professor and Vice Dean of the Computing and Informatics College


Tel: +(971) 6 505 0402

Dr. Naveed Ahmed

Coordinator of Big Data Mining and Multimedia (BDMM) research group, Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department

Em​ail: ​​

Tel: +(971) 6 505 3559

Dr. Manar Abu Talib

Coordinator of OpenUAE Research and Development (R&D) group, Chair of the Research Outreach Department, Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department


Tel: +(971) 6 505 3529

Prof. Qassim Nasir

Coordinator of OpenUAE Research and Development (R&D) group, Chairman of the Scientific Publishing Unit, Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department


Tel: +(971) 6 505 0962

Dr. Ala Altaweel

Coordinator of Information and Network Security (INS) research group, Assistant Professor at the Computer Engineering Department

Em​ail: aaltaweel@sharjah.a​​

Tel: +(971) 6 505 0587

Dr. Mohamed Elhosney​

Coordinator of Intelligent Information Systems and Applications (IISA) research group, Associate Professor at the Information Systems Department


Tel: +(971) 6 505 0572