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​MAIN RESEARCH AREAS                                                                                  

Currently, there are three main streams for this research group (will expand in the future):
  • Designing the IS for bio-medical applications.
  • Micro/Nanomaterial for fabricating the IS.
  • Estimation and filtering for the measurement signal.

  1. Develop new bio-micro/nano IS to measure human body responses.
  2. Derive correlations between newly developed micro/nanomaterials and human dynamic responses.
  3. Examine, and if needed develop, new materials that be safe and fast.
  4. Apply/develop signal processing and estimation techniques to maximize the data obtained from the IS.  
  5. Obtain a product that can be used nationally and internationally.

RESEARCH PROJECTS                                                                                      

  1. Estrogen-induced epigenetic regulation of Iron metabolism in hepatocellular carcinoma (AJF2018036); Oct./2018).  2018 (2 years).  Al-Jalila Foundation.  PI: Jibran Muhammad, PI; M Hamad, Co-PI, Total fund awarded: AED 292,000.00 (~ USD 107,000.00).
  2. University of Sharjah competitive grant.  Investigating the role of estrogen signaling in intracellular iron metabolism in macrophages. M. Hamad, PI, Total fund awarded: AED 80,000.00 (~ USD 30,000). Oct. 13, 2019- (2 years).
  3. University of Sharjah competitive grant.  Screening for HLA haplotype and immune function-related gene variants as host-related factors that predispose to cytokine storm syndrome in Emirati COVID-19 patients. M Hamad, PI, Total fund awarded: AED 197,000.00 Sept. 1, 2020 (1 year).
  4. University of Sharjah competitive grant.  Development of a cell culture model to study the (morphological, cellular molecular, -need to define) changes in articular chondrocytes during osteoarthritis. PI: Asima Kareem, Co-PI: M Hamad. Total fund awarded: AED 80,000.00 (~ USD 30,000). Nov. 7, 13, 2020- (2 years).
  5. University of Sharjah seed grant. Model the correlation between the properties of the Artery and the blood pressure level. PI: A. Al-Shamma', Co-PI: M AlShabi. Total fund awarded: AED 40,000.00 (~ USD 15,000). 2020- (2 years).