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The Bio-Sensing and Bio-Sensors group is a part of the Research Institute of Science and Technology (RISE) under the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is an independent and interdisciplinary research group that involves people from different backgrounds. This alliance of various fields leads to innovations and creative environments by incorporating numerous experiences and knowledge of students and members. To develop Bio-IS (Biomedical Instruments/Sensors), various departments of Medical/Health and Engineering Colleges will be developing the correlations between the materials and human responses. 

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES                                                                                  

The mission of this research group is to build a high-tech laboratory with advanced equipment to design and fabricate a bio-IS and process its measurement to estimate the bio behavior of a human being. The objective of this research group can be summarized as follows:
  • Develop, design, and fabricate new IS for bio-medical application.
  • Investigate some new micro/nanocomposite materials behavior and how to use them in sensing human responses to estimate his/her status.
  • Develop correlations between the dynamics of the human body and the material properties to develop a bio-IS that can measure them effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop micro/nano IS that can be wearable and be small to invasively measure bio-responses.
  • Study the traditional signal processing/estimation techniques performance in such application and develop new methods if needed.
  • Optimize the IS parameters and control its behavior.
  • Develop AI (Machine/Deep Learning) models for ailment detection and signal processing.


Members are already involved with the research group branches, as several works in biosensors, micro/nanomaterials, and estimation techniques were conducted. However, more equipment and devices are required to verify some theoretical concepts for newly developed devices, and hence, develop more advanced IS. Some works are proposed as grants, patents, and research for now.