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• Background

Biomass and Bioenergy Research Group aims to research advances in technology to address potential green industries' demands. Furthermore, the group also aims to transform ordinary biomass into industrial raw material to fulfill the needs of high-value chemicals and biofuels. The key scientific activities involve collecting knowledge on biomass's physical/chemical properties and converting biomass into fuels using different processes (anaerobic digestion, transesterification, fermentation, pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion). The group has been conducting simulations and techno-economic evaluations of biomass conversion technologies. Biomass and Bioenergy group can partner with industry and government to better help UAE's economy. Research from fundamental studies in the lab to applied, short-term contracts with other organizations will be conducted to investigate the potential of biomass energy in the region.

• Goals & Objectives

  • Testing and analyzing physical (Proximate Analysis) and chemical (Ultimate Analysis) properties of different available biomass.
  • Studying the potential energy content of different biomass.
  • Converting ordinary biomass into high-value chemicals and biofuels.
  • Converting biomass into clean energy (biofuels: i.e. biodiesel, biogas, syngas, bio-oil) can be used in different applications as an alternative option to conventional fuels (diesel, natural gas).
  • Refereed publications: journal papers, conference papers, book chapters, technical reports, books, patents, creative works, supervision of post-graduate students; organization of professional events, etc. 

• History

Biomass and Bioenergy research line was part of the independent Sustainable Energy Development research group under the Research Institute of Science and Engineering. Recently, it becomes a separate research line by itself under the Renewable Energy and Power Systems Research Center. The group currently consists of five members with strong knowledge and background in bioenergy and alternative fuels. The research line had succeeded in publishing many quality journal articles in high-impact journals, conference papers, books, and book chapters in the field of waste to energy, renewable and alternative fuels, simulation and optimization of different biomass conversion processes, and bioenergy & biorefinery. The group members have participated in many conferences, workshops, and seminars related to biomass and bioenergy. Furthermore, the group members succeeded in supervising many post-graduate students who focused on different biomass and bioenergy-related projects.