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Robotics is generating significant interest among the leading Entrepreneurs and Governments. Across the globe, companies are constantly innovating and patenting designs to create the world's first fully autonomous machine with capabilities that will forever transform the way we do business and how we manufacture goods. It is therefore essential that the UAE, the most technologically forward country in the Middle East & North Africa region, uses the opportunities that advancements in robotics can present, to remain competitive and a front runner. Analysts predict that the early adoption of robotics technology in the UAE would significantly increase the GDP of the country and create a more knowledge-based economy thus propelling UAE as the premier destination for leading companies worldwide.
The vision for Autonomous Robotics and Active Vision (ARAV) Research Group is therefore that of empowering the society, and the basis of this empowerment is the research and development of next generation active vision algorithms coupled with realistic bio-mimetic kinematics paradigms and articulated physics-based mechanics for the implementation and integration of autonomous robots for the purpose of interacting naturally with people and with each other by adapting their behavior to the requirements of the task they are given within the dynamic environment they are situated in.