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Goals and Objectives

  • To bring out new and innovative ideas and plans that can add value to the UAE's research and business sector and that can further be explored and developed in other regional and international countries.
  • To work in partnership with other scholars locally and internationally in order to conduct thorough research about sustainability in business.
  • To inspire graduate students (masters and PhD) to incorporate sustainability in their research and become aware of its importance on a national and global scale.
  • To unite the different business departments such as management, marketing, and finance in inter-disciplinary research on sustainability in business.
  • To conduct high-quality mainstream research in the area of sustainability which is now a relevant topic at the local, regional and global levels
  • To collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and colleges on cutting-edge sustainability research and explore current business practices and the role of business leaders in sustainability and the implications.
  • To better inform our teaching practices and embed the findings of the sustainability research in course delivery and pedagogy.
  • To study how our current activities are having an economic, environmental, and social impact and their long-term implications for the well-being of future generations.