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Prof.Bushra Alakashee
  1. Method of parental treatment Techniques and their relation to family communication from the point view of sample of female citizen students at the University of Sharjah- -2020
  2.  Academic Adaptation and Achievement: A Comparative Study of Outstanding Students and Students under Academic Probation  at the University of Sharjah- -2020
  3. The Role Of Childhood Education Teachers In Developing Positive Attitudes Towards Science Learning Among Young Children - -2020
  4.   NLevels of mind habits among university students in light of the variable of gender and specialization -2021
  5.  A cross-cultural study of a healthy lifestyle as a strategy for coexistence with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic among university students in some Arab countries2020.
  6.  The reality of using virtual classrooms in the distance education program from the point of view of faculty members- 2021
  7. Child protection from (psychological - social) influences in the context of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic from the point of view of parents - 2021
  8. Wrong practices in the ABCs of scientific research (procedural, technical, written) among students of studiesThe role of the student advisor in distance education during the Corona pandemic -2021-9
Prof. Adnan K. Abdulla  
  1. Adnan K. Abdulla, Translation in the Arab World: The Abbasid Golden Age. London: Routledge, 2021. 
 Dr.Wafa Barhoumi 
  1. "A Case Study of University Of Sharjah Students on the Effects Of COVID-19 on Distance Learning" – European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS), June 2021.
  2. " واقع التعليم المدمج الالكتروني في الجامعات العربية : دراسة حالة على طلبة جامعة الشارقة في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة وطلبة جامعة حائل في المملكة العربية السعودية )دراسة مقارنة تحليلية)" جامعة بغداد ،كلية الاداب  ،مجلة الاداب ، جوان 2021.
  3. "لنظرة المجتمعية للمتعافين من الادمان في مجتمع الامارات دراسة استطلاعية لآراء أفراد المجتمع حول المتعافين من الإدمان " – المجلة العربية لعلم الاجتماع- جامعة القاهرة-   جوان 2021
  4. "The societal views for addiction recoveries in the UAE Society a perspective study of community members opinions on addiction recoveries"  ،كلية الاداب  ،مجلة الاداب 25-05-2021
  5. " فعالية التعليم المدمج من وجهة نظر طلبة جامعة الشارقة في ضوء سياسات واستراتيجيات الجامعة" . جامعة بغداد ،كلية الاداب  ،مجلة الاداب ، العدد 135 - تاريخ كانون الاول 2020
  6. "The situation of special needs and Strategy for empowering people with disabilities in different stages at United Arab Emirates. Case Study: University of Sharjah" ,November 2020 – المجلة العربية لعلم الاجتماع – جامعة القاهرة
  7. "Socialization Patterns and construction of a personal identity in United Arab Emirates family. Case study : Students at University Of Sharjah", the PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt- PALARCH, February 2021.