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At the present time, the educational process, in all its educational stages, faces a set of challenges related to its various components, starting with its philosophy, passing through its curricula, techniques, teaching methods, strategies, evaluation tools...etc. Contemporary changes, especially those resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, require the study of many issues related to the educational process at its various levels, especially since the entire world, and the UAE in particular, is witnessing a set of social and educational changes, which in turn resulted in a set of challenges facing various educational institutions, and opened At the same time, there are plenty of opportunities. In order to face these challenges and take advantage of the available opportunities, it is necessary to focus on the various aspects and components of the educational system. With the aim of improving the educational and learning outcomes of educational institutions.

Based on the foregoing, and based on the vision and mission of the University of Sharjah in terms of their emphasis on the value of innovative and world-class scientific research, and working to promote pioneering scientific research; The establishment of this research group came to discuss and study various research issues related to methods and methods of learning and educational technology in the educational field, and the solutions that can be adopted to overcome all problems related to strengthening the educational process and increasing its efficiency. The research group will also work on developing a set of plans and projects, based mainly on the vision, mission and goals of the University of Sharjah, which meet the needs and aspirations of the UAE community in particular, and the regional region in general.