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Goals and Objectives

The message
-Relying on distinguished international professional standards in educational and psychological research

-Developing the educational learning environment through research outputs and studies in teaching methods, integrating students, and identifying challenges

-Studying distance learning methods and their suitability for different academic stages.

-Linking the university to the community by pushing the scientific research and its outputs to what is of practical interest and benefit to the university and the community.

-Completing original research work that can be published in prestigious international journals.


The research objectives of the group are as follows:

1- Develop learning and teaching environments to suit the needs of students and students of determination

2- A study of health behaviors and practices associated with the education of students

3- Detecting the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process skills

4- Helping to build an educational system through the curriculum and interactive activities based on consolidating the skills of the 21st century

5- Developing educational skills to move into the era of the knowledge economy

6- Implementation of research projects in the field of educational and psychological sciences, such as research on curriculum development, teaching methods and strategies, teaching techniques, talent, creativity, learning difficulties, special education...etc.

7- Holding courses and workshops, providing educational and research consultations in the educational and psychological fields, and providing school support

8- Providing evaluation services to various educational and educational institutions in the country

9- Participation in building a knowledge society through the dissemination of solid educational research that helps in the development and progress of society.

10- Providing a sustainable collaborative environment that contributes to promoting pioneering educational and psychological research