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Special Projects

​External Fundings for RIHSS research projects
Title Funded By
Corporate Governance for Institution Sports  General Authority of Youth and Sports
The impact of legislation on the reality of the family in the United Arab Emirates Family Development Foundation
Lughati Arabic Smart Way Lughati
Bullying among School Students in the Emirate of Sharjah. Family development centers
A qualitative study about  Youth & Social networking sites Family Development Foundation
problems and challenges facing the family and Emirati women in the 21st century Family Development Foundation
Marital Compatibility In the UAE Community: A Survey of A sample of Households in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Family Development Foundation
Reason for Early Divorce and its effects on Emirati Divorced in UAE Society Family Development Foundation
First Study: Future Needs for Housing in the United Arab Emirates until 2040 Sheikh Zayed Housing Program
The second study: the residential reality in the UAE: current characteristics and future visions Sheikh Zayed Housing Program
Community Awareness For Volunteer Work Sharjah Awards For volunteer work
Social Networking Among  University Students in Sharjah Family Development centers- Sharjah
Electronic bullying among students in Sharjah: field study Family development centers
Behavioral problems among sample of the first and second stage students  in Sharjah schools from teacher perspective and  how can be treated (submitted) Sharjah Educational council -Sharjah