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Recent publications (Selected)
  • Albaity, M., Mallek, R.S., H , Al-Tamimi, H.A., Noman, A.H.M. (2020). Does competition lead to financial stability or financial fragility for Islamic and conventional banks? Evidence from the GCC countries, International Journal. Implementing screening l of Finance and Economics, Article in Press
  • Cevik, N.K., Cevik, E.I., Dibooglu, S. (2020). Oil prices, stock market returns and volatility spillovers: Evidence from Turkey, Journal of Policy Modeling, 42(3), pp. 597-614.
  • Cunningham, C., Dibooglu, S. (2020). Engines of Growth in China: The Limits of Informal Institutions Journal of Economic Issues, 54(1), pp. 252-275.
  • Cevik, E.I., Yıldırım, D.Ç., Dibooglu, S. (2020). Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic growth in the US: A Markov-Switching VAR analysis Energy and Environment, Annals of Finance           
  • Al-Shboul, M., Maghyereh, A., Hassan, A., Molyneux, P.(2020). Political risk and bank stability in the Middle East and North Africa region, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 60,101291.
  • Albaity, M., Mallek, R.S., Hassan Al-Tamimi, H.A., Noman, A.H.M.(2020). Does competition lead to financial stability or financial fragility for Islamic and conventional banks? Evidence from the GCC countries, International Journal of Finance and Economics. Article in Press
  • Al Gharaibeh, F. (2020).The response of Jordanian society and social workers to the COVID-19 crisis, International Social Work.
  • Alomosh Ahmad, Perceptions of COVID-19 pandemic among Youths in the UAE Society"  , "Making Sociology Actionable: Translation, Implementation, and Intervention Design for Social Change," the first virtual conference of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, USA . Wednesday, October 7th 20220
  • Al Gharaibeh, F (2020).  (Covid-19) Prevention Conference for Mental Health Professionals: Covid19: Creative Caring Conversations, Communication & Community Connectedness Session; Australia and Mental Health Academy Live sessions 16-17 May 2020 by Australian Association of Social Workers 
  • Snoussi Thouraya (2020) "Social media and self-identity: Virtual Panopticon VS virtual schizophrenia", Opcion Journal, 36(26) June 2020, pp. 2574-2594.` ISNN: 1012-1587 (print) and 2477-9385 (online),(Q3-SJR 2019: 0.20). Paper retrievable from:
  • Snoussi Thouraya (2020) "Development of crisis management in the digital era: The use of "Face time" during the coup attempt in Turkey; Global Media Journal Arabian Edition, 2(2) ISNN 27076768. Paper retrievable from:
  • Snoussi, Thouraya. & Kacem, Abdullah (2020) " Instagram for integrated online Marketing Communications". International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, Vol.14, issue 5.Oct, 2020, ISSN 2201-1315, (Q2-SJR 2019: 0.23). Paper retrievable from:
  • Snoussi, Thouraya; Radwan, Ahmed. (2020) "Distance Online Learning during Covid-19 pandemic and Communication studies: The scenario in the United Arab Emirates", Utopia y Praxis Lationamiricana, Oct. 2020 (accepted for publication). Nov. 2020.  ISNN 1315-5216 (Q2-SJR 2019: 0.22).
  • Snoussi, Thouraya (2020) "Social media for communication crisis management", International Journal of Management and Business Research, Vol. 8, Issue3. Forex publications, e-ISSN: 2347-4696, (accepted for publication). Nov. 2020. Paper ID BMN-IJBMR-2020-4