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Goals and Objectives

RIHSS seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create research plans and programs harmonized with the University mission and goals. 
  2. Hold training workshops, seminars and lectures aiming at the development and achievement of UOS research and community service objectives.
  3. Conduct research of high quality at national and international levels with potential to address community issues and provide solutions.
  4. Encourage and increase interdisciplinary & multdisciplinary research among faculty members in their respective areas through inter-departmental and inter-college cooperation.
  5. Encourage and supporting applied research related to the development and service of the UAE society.
  6. Establish special graduate programs aiming to qualify researchers to conduct research projects that promote growth in all areas, and keep abreast of scientific and technological developments.
  7. Provide consultation in research and statistics for faculty members and students as well as community research institutions.
  8. Support  the students in general and graduate students (Ph. D and Master's) in particular to publish research in collaboration with faculty in reputable journals.