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Research Translation Unit


The Research Translation Unit (RTU) falls under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, and it is procedurally affiliated to the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences. The University of Sharjah supports scientific research in Arabic, English and other foreign languages. A large number of faculty members and students publish their research work in Arabic, which is very important for the support of community needs. However, most of this research is not published in Scopus-indexed, which affects the university's rankings.

Aims of the Unit

Establishing the RTU aims at valorizing the efforts made by our faculty writing in Arabic to produce quality research that has a potential of reaching international visibility and increasing the ranking of UOS through assisting faculty members and Graduate students from the Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, the College of Law and the College of Communication to publish their research work in English in the international journals included in the Scopus database.

Functions of the Unit

Faculty members have to apply a request to the RTU indicating their desire to translate their articles. A committee shall be formed to select the papers which meet the specified criteria.

The unit will start the translation to English once the submitted papers receive the approval of the Content Evaluation Committee (CEC). The Submission of the article to the Journal is the responsibility of the faculty member in coordination with the Unit.​

1. Translating research works that are originally written in Arabic language that have a strong potential for publication in Q1 and Q2 Scopus-indexed journals once they are approved by the CEC.

2. Eligible authors are either faculty members or graduate researchers (MA and PhD students).

3. The RTU shall examine the translated version of the document for final editing.

4. The joint work of more than one author is encouraged

5. The unit also provides, upon approval of the CEC, an editing service for documents written in English and submitted by students/faculty from the following colleges: Shari'a and Islamic Studies, Law, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the College of Communication.


To apply for the translation of a research work into English, please click here​

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 Coordinator of the Research Translation Unit - RIHSS