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​Entrepreneurship is considered as the engine of economic development. Innovation and entrepreneurship are complementary to each other and both are multi-dimensional phenomena. Given the current importance and pivotal role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the economy, It is particularly crucial in the context of UAE as there is lot of support from the Government and various initiatives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the formation of this group is both timely and much needed to explore various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of UAE and beyond. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group aims to conduct research at the country level involving cross-country examination of the entrepreneurial dynamics as well as organizational level studies investigating innovation and entrepreneurship related concepts. In particular, the group plans to conduct research pertaining to three major streams. First, it aims to explore the effects of entrepreneurship on efficiency and examines how entrepreneurship affects corruption and environmental sustainability. Second stream of research focuses on fostering tourism entrepreneurship performance in UAE. Third stream takes the social identity perspective of green innovation ambidexterity and entrepreneurial orientation in the UAE and explores the role of cosmopolitanism, materialism and knowledge acquisition. These research streams show that the group aspires to undertake leading-edge research in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.