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The international judiciary system is important, and therefore understanding the international judicial mechanisms helps countries to know their rights and duties, as well as the procedures by which they protect their rights in the international community. In addition, the presence of the UAE before the International Court of Justice has become obvious during the last two years, thus it is important to work on involving PhD students in this research program to prepare national legal experts that can deal with cases to which the state is a party. Translation and commenting on them will provide researchers with deep experience in international justice that can be relied upon by decision-makers.

Since the judgments and opinions of the International Court are issued in French and English only, the aim of the research group is to put the judgments and opinions of the International Court of Justice within the reach of Arab researchers (foreign ministries in Arab countries) to promote public culture first, and to enhance the legal knowledge of Arab jurists, lawyers and judges who may have an opportunity in the future to be nominated for a position in the Court or to stand before it as representatives of their countries.

The group aims to cooperate between professors of international law to translate the (main) rulings from 2012-till now, the advisory opinions and orders issued by the International Court of Justice, to comment on them and to clarify the principles extracted from them.