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Director's Welcome

We welcome you all to the Center for Family and Child Studies CFCS. It is one of the distinguished research centers of the Institute of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) - the office of the Vice Chancellor for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies. The Center seeks to conduct a systematic, scientific, and sustainable study of the state of the Emirati and Arab family. This is achieved by monitoring the family challenges and understanding the new changes that occur in the life of the family and its members considering the cultural and civilizational diversity that we are witnessing today in a changing world.

The center relies on effective partnerships with various family institutions in the UAE society to work together. Monitoring problems and drawing up programs and strategies for the future of the extended family and the nucleus that embraces children, the elderly, youth, and women are our shared goals. The center is creating a database for families and children in the Emirate of Sharjah and the country. Also, creating comprehensive statistical indicators on family and child issues in accordance with local, regional, and international standards. This will formulate well-studied plans that help institutions and families implement their plans and programs.

The successive family studies, in cooperation and partnership with family institutions, will increase our ability to find curative, preventive and development initiatives that put the family in its appropriate framework.  In addition, identifying the needs and requirements, through which future decisions affecting the family and future generations are built, is to achieve the family's ability to live in luxury according to possible community standards.

The team of the Center for Family and Child Studies (CFCS) is pleased to invite researchers from local, Arab, and international institutions, the university, and all graduate students to participate and benefit from the capabilities, experiences and opportunities available to us. This will implement studies and consultations that serve our Emirati and Arab families.



Director of Center for Family and Child Studies (CFCS).

Prof. Fakir Al Gharaibeh