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Goals and Objectives

The goal of the ADT research group is to conduct state-of-the-art research activities that are focused on the needs of the community, in view of the multifaceted problems of circular economy, customized production, and design using recycled materials.

The research group is intended to encourage inter-disciplinary research within multiple departments in the College of Fine Arts and Design, and College of Business at the University of Sharjah.

The main objectives of the research group are to:

1-  Conduct multi-disciplinary research on art and design, rapid prototyping, within various circular economy aspects, including 3D Printing, customized designed products for community, and recycling process.

2-Set up a state-of-the-art Recycling facility at the College of Fine Arts and Design, at the University of Sharjah, enhancing three-dimensional sustainability.

3-Carry out 3D printing modeling applications using waste and recycled materials as main resource for customized design production.

4-Interventions to promote social and behavioral change for environment conservation and environmental concern using the role of social media

5- Cooperate with potential industrial partners, in addition to national, regional and international institutions involved in waste management and environment research and development.

6-Provide training and education opportunities for students and professionals in the field, and organize public seminars to raise the public awareness to key environmental hazards.