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Welcome to SHARE 2020

Team Sharjah represents the University of Sharjah at the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 in Dubai, an international competition where academic teams of students and instructors design, build and operate a solar-powered sustainable house.

Team Sharjah aims at tackling sustainability with a future perspective, where the balanced needs of society, economics, and environment will coexist, in a home that guarantees optimizing the use of resources, thanks to a self-regenerating cycle.

The design approach focuses on inclusivity as a communication strategy to share the project mission: a bright new future where the cooperation between humans and machines will allow all aspects of living to happen in the same adaptable and functional building.

The house will lead the occupant through a social, environmental, and industrial evolution, where the family living space becomes a creative workshop, a virtual workplace, a fab-lab, and an interactive hub for community cooperation.

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Instagram: @teamsharjah2020
Facebook Page: @teamsharjah2020
YouTube Channel: Team Sharjah - SHARE


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